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Tall Pom Pom Topiaries

Our tall pom pon topiaries will add elegance and style to your yard and make perfect gifts for fans of artistic landscaping. Order online today!

Landscaping and Other Uses for Tall Pom Pom Topiaries

Our tall pom pom topiaries add elegance and style to your landscape when integrated into your garden design. Revive your beds and borders with flowering shrubs and topiaries of Scotch pine and the fragrant Juniperus Chinensis. 

The art of topiary; shaping plants by trimming their leaves and manipulating their form started in ancient Roman times and has today evolved into a means of making your yard unique. Expert pruning techniques developed during centuries of refinement allow artistic garden specialists to create forms that are today an astonishing variety of beautiful garden topiaries.

Solve Problems with Pruning

Decorative pruning solves issues with many landscaping dilemmas, such as providing shade and repelling animal pests. Many common topiary trees are deer resistant and do double duty in the yard. Not only do they provide the backdrop for elegant plantings, but they also deter animal pests that would destroy tender blooms and bark. Chamaecyparis obtusa, Buxus sempervirens, and pom pom scotch pine are among those.

Unusual Forms in Decorative Design

Design ideas using unusual topiary shapes may include formal or modern plans, even rock gardens with ferns and sedums or a Japanese themed design garden. Austrian pine provides a base for exciting cold-zone artistic ventures. Alpine gardens may benefit from its unusual form. Artificial topiaries provide a bold pop of green to areas that aren't conducive to growing live plants. For those in the coldest garden zones, artificial topiaries may be just what's needed to finish off or showcase a planting.

Specimens for Bed and Border

Create a border or bed using landscape designs with unusual shapes and forms. Use deciduous shrubs, edible fruit trees and topiary designs for a seasonal edge. Green columnar shaped hollies, such as the Sky pencil offer an unusual look to mass plantings and along borders. When using topiary designs in the landscape, you don't have to worry about other homes on the block looking just like yours.

Use artistically designed plants to provide shade to a succulent garden in warmer climates. If succulents grow outside for the entire year, they will likely need shade on hot summer afternoons. Combine your designs with palm trees and other evergreen plants above the succulent bed. Such unusual ideas make your beds and border the talk of the neighborhood. Include smaller outdoor topiaries in container plantings, such as a matched set on either side of the gate, arbor or front door.

Maintain the Pom Poms 

Keeping the shapes and forms of your unique topiary perfectly manicured is the ultimate garden chore. Painstaking attention to detail leaves the gardener with a feeling of accomplishment. Maintenance of the ornamental garden specimen includes proper planting in the right soil and sun. Caring for such plants varies by species: some live topiaries require full sunlight, while others can thrive in partial shade.

The growing season for your topiary tree also varies by species and your location. Additional pruning and trimming is necessary when growth spurts make the foliage grow unevenly. Your chore, if you've bought a topiary, is to keep the shape even and balanced. Don't neglect other garden care or pruning of other trees and shrubs as you come to love pruning your topiary.

Variety of Topiary Uses

There are small, potted topiaries for indoor use, large trees or shrubs for outdoor planting, and even artificial sculptures that offer all of the beauty of a genuine topiary without any of the maintenance or growing requirements. 

Use small, indoor topiaries as part of holiday decorations. Build a centerpiece around an unusual shape for the dinner table or bar. Evergreen decorative specimens blend in with your houseplant collection and can decorate a sunny window or plant stand. Larger indoor plants can sit in room corners or other out-of-the-way areas. Make sure to keep a plant saucer underneath containers for damage-free watering. Water according to your plants' needs.

These plant sculptures are available in virtually any shape, from geometric to wreaths, fanciful sculptural or animal designs. No matter what the style or occasion, topiary specimens make fabulous hostess gifts or additions to a home's décor. Topiaries make perfect gifts for fans of artistic landscaping. Send a gift card to friends and family can choose just what they need or like best. Order online today!
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Buxus s and  'Aureo Variegata'  Pom pom


Price: $0.00
Buxus x and  'Green Mountain' Pom Pom

Buxus x. 'Green Mountain' Pom Pom Live Topiary. This is a great evergreen boxwood shaped into a pom pom. You will need to trim this pom pom about twice a year to keep its shape. Dark green leaves make this pom pom a great addition to your landscaping beds.

Price: $0.00
Cham and  Pis and  Boulevard (4 and 5 to 5 feet )

This Sawara cypress, is a large, pyramidal, evergreen conifer grown in average, medium, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Best in part shade. Prefers moist, fertile soils. Avoid wet, poorly-drained soils, however. Shelter from wind.


Price: $0.00
Cham and  Pis and  Boulevard (4 to 4 and 5 feet )

Boulevard Cypress

Scientific name: Chamaecyparis Pisifera Cyano Viridis

Grows well in zones 4-8

Price: $0.00
Cham and  Pis and  Boulevard (5 to 5 and 5 feet )

Cham. Pis. Boulevard (5 to 5.5 FOOT) POM POM Topiary

Price: $0.00
Chamaecyparis p and  'Boulevard' Pom pom

Landscaping has been recognized as an important part of modern life, and topiary adds an integral part of its charm to any carefully planned and maintained yard with a Topiary Pom Pom.

Price: $0.00
Out of Stock
Juniperus ch and  'Hetzi Glauca' Pom Pom

Juniperus ch. 'Hetzi Glauca' Pom Pom Topiary

Price: $0.00
Juniperus x and  media 'Sulphur Spray' Pom pom

Juniperus x. media 'Sulphur Spray' Pom pom Topiary

Price: $0.00
Pinus Contorta (4 to 5 feet )

Shore Pine also known as lodgepole pine, twisted pine or contorta pine. Grows well in zones 5-8. Evergreen conifer common in western North America especially on the coast or in dry montane forests.  

Price: $0.00
Pinus Contorta (5 to 6 feet )

Shore Pine also known as lodgepole pine, twisted pine or contorta pine. Grows well in zones 5-8. Evergreen conifer common in western North America especially on the coast or in dry montane forests.  POM POM Topiary.

Price: $0.00
Pinus Contorta (6 to 7 feet )

Currently unavailable.


Pinus Contorta POM POM Topiary (6 to 7 FEET)

Price: $0.00
Pinus Contorta Pom Pom 10 gal and

Pinus Contorta Pom Pom Topiary 10 gallons is a dense, irregular pyramidal growth habit with twisted dark green needles. The tree does best in moist well-drained soil. Pruned to topiary (pom-pom) form.

Price: $0.00
Pinus Dens and  Umbraculifera Compacta (20 inch   Std) (30 to 36 inch  )

Pinus Dens. Umbraculifera Compacta (20" Std) (30 to 36") Topiary Tree

Price: $0.00
Pinus Sylvestris Tiered 10 gal and

Pinus Sylvestris Tiered 10 gal. Topiary Tree

Price: $0.00
PRUNUS OTTO LUYKEN 36 to 42 inches

PRUNUS - OTTO LUYKEN - 36 - 42 inches Topiary Tree

Price: $0.00
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