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Custom Made Topiary Forms - Animals & More!

Topiary Forms - Custom Made Animal, Trees, and Plant Forms

Purchase affordable & quality artificial topiary trees & plants. Browse high-quality fake ball topiary, spiral topiaries and more. Get yours today!


We make custom made topiaries on demand per your specifications. Please allow us time to make the topiary. We have talented Metal Sculpture Artists ready to build your designs to specification!


Our topiary forms are a delight to have. We can make just about any form.

Topiary forms are ensconced as one of the hallmarks of a stately home or formal garden. Meticulously-shaped spheres, squares, and even a veritable parade of animals all show up in some of the finest gardens in the world, serving as interesting focal points or conversation pieces. Even special outdoor events, like weddings, birthdays, or large garden parties are rendered all the more festive and special by using custom-made topiaries as visually striking living decorations.

Topiary gardening involves training plants to grow into a specified shape by strategic pruning and the use of topiary forms. It works with virtually any shape one can imagine, and a wide variety of plants. Good topiary gardeners can use different plants to evoke the texture of fur or feathers, the patterns on spotted or striped animals, or a geometric mosaic. The end product is a piece of green art that, with regular watering and pruning, will last for a long time. Disney topiary for sale with some modifictions are awesome to have.

Topiaries are far from a new idea. Even Julius Caesar and Pliny the Elder had topiary gardens. In Europe, greenery was often shaped into animals, obelisks, shapes, or letters. In China and Japan, more of an emphasis was placed on strategically trimming plants in order to make smaller, younger plants look like ancient trees. Zen gardens, on the other hand, often had topiaries trimmed into straight lines or large, curving shapes. In 1962, Walt Disney brought movable topiary forms into the American public eye-- he wanted to a way to recreate his iconic characters in topiary form, eventually growing them into a kind of living sculpture. 

Very popular is our custom-made topiary forms, are horse topiaries.

Since topiary gardening has been practiced since antiquity, several common shapes for topiary forms have evolved. While triangles, spheres, spirals, and cubes are no less striking and attractive despite their widespread usage, many modern homeowners want something a little different for their homes. Fortunately, custom-made topiary forms allow gardeners to create a unique shape for every garden or situation. Depending on homeowners' needs, custom made topiaries can be shaped like animals, abstract forms, chess pieces, letters, or just about anything else imaginable. 

Our wire topiary frames are designed to make it easy to train densely-leafed plants and help them hold their shapes as they grow. Occasional trimming, a good location, enough sun, warmth, and proper watering will keep them thriving and help elevate a mundane garden into something special and beautiful. During winter, custom-made topiaries can be moved to a greenhouse or other location that will protect them from frost and help keep tender leaves and vines from dying back. After the last frost, they can resume their posts outdoors for the next growing season.

Whether a garden is formal or informal, custom topiaries offer a striking focal point that complements their setting and is guaranteed to impress guests. Affordable, easy-to-use topiary forms make it simple to get them set up, while custom topiary forms offer homeowners, gardeners, and designers unprecedented flexibility when it comes to creating eye-catching, one-of-a-kind shapes.

Consider adding artificial boxwood or artificial grass to cover your custom topiary form. Below are examples of work we have done with a rabbit using artificial boxwood and a flying eagle artificial grass.  These coverings ensure that the art form can last outdoors for years to come.

Property owners always look for ways to increase the value of their property. Topiary is one way to do that and give elegance and grandeur to outdoor space.

Topiary forms can vary as far as the imagination can stretch and form fabrication is possible. For example, pet lovers often choose topiary forms that represent their favorite pet. An animal topiary is a whimsical statement of a property owner's signature style.

When it comes to an animal topiary, these have been celebrated in many movies over the years such as the film "The Shining" and "Edward Scissorhands" and if you watch those old black and white movies with noir genres, you are bound to see a few animal topiary forms like lions guarding the front door of mansions.

Today an animal topiary might announce a fisherman's best catch or a fanciful warning topiary of a shark with its jaws agape. There are pet lovers who scour the best topiary form designers and retailers to make lifelike replicas of their favorite cat or dog.

There is no doubt children of all ages especially love animal topiary that depict adorable squirrels, a baby deer or a long eared bunny. For topiary designers these are simple to create.

For the past several decades, however, property owners, residential, commercial and industrial alike, favor trendy topiary shapes such as two spiral topiary at entrances. These create curb appeal and expand business status in a community.

Colleges, professional offices and residential properties are often enhanced by classic ivy topiary balls. These are created from wire topiary forms and usually some form of ivy, like English Ivy which stays green all year. The more denser Boston and Japanese Ivy provide a lush appearance to large size wire topiary forms such as those for horses and elephants. Moss is another type of plant useful for creating topiary.

For a smaller size animal shapes or attractive triple globe topiary, instead of ivy, boxwood or holly may be substituted to create a different look. Boxwood also is used for contemporary twisted topiary forms and appealing spiral topiary forms.

Naturally, topiary that grab the most attention are those that are highly unusual. These may include twin mermaids, a life size giraffe or rustic topiary forms like a small herd of cows.

Note that topiary designers also create wire topiary forms that are not intended to be covered with plants. These give an ultra modern look to a professional office or an idyllic country home. Many of these wire forms are appearing as holiday lawn decorations such as a snowman, Santa or a family of deer. Lights added to the forms make stunning wintry decorations indoors or out.

No matter what you choose for your open space, filling open spaces with topiary speaks volumes of your sense of elegance and style.

Designers of topiary are trained and skilled in the use of metal and other materials of fabrication to create ingenious custom topiary shapes and forms.

Shipping Large Topiaries (some may need crating for safe delivert)

Note we are charged various fees from the shippers to ship large topiaries. We also ship to Canada too.

Learn more about shipping considerations.

Designing Your Topiary

Many elegant homes have landscaping that include topiary forms. In addition to serving as landscaping focal points, topiary forms are also used as decorations during formal events such as weddings, business events, and garden parties. Most Americans first became aware of topiary art during the 1960s when Walt Disney incorporated them into his landscape design. His topiaries re-imagined popular Disney characters as living art sculptures of greenery.

Topiaries have been used for quite a long time. In fact, even Julius Caesar had a topiary garden. The types of forms that are popular vary from country to country. For example, in Western countries, topiaries are created from shapes that look like animals, geometric shapes, and even letters. Currently, elephant topiaries are very vogue. In Eastern countries like China and Japan, topiaries are very small and distinctive in their design. The miniature pieces of art typically are planted in an ornate planter and even decorated with moss. However, modern homeowners who want to incorporate topiaries into their landscaping designs are not limited to Eastern or Western styles. Rather, homeowners are encourages to create their own unique style.

Perhaps you are interested in the concept but not exactly sure what topiary gardening is or does. Topiary gardening is a type of gardening where plats are grown into different forms using wire frames and strategic pruning. Experienced gardeners use a variety of plants to create designs as well as textures. With a bit of creativity and time, topiary gardens can be created with patterns like mosaics, stripes, and even geometric shapes. In fact, the final product is limited only by the imagination of the gardener.

Our wire frames are made from quality materials and are custom built frame per your specifications to create your imaginative designs. Our talented and creative artists can build a metal frame to designed to meet your needs in about two to three weeks. It doesn't matter whether you have a formal landscaping or a cottage gardening, our artists can help bring your ideas to life. Our economical topiary forms are easy for almost any home gardener or landscaping professional to use. Shipping fees for topiaries depend on a variety of factors including size of the form as well as location. We do ship our designs to Canada.

In order to complete the design, our specialists recommend adding foliage like boxwood or grass to cover the form. Gardeners can use organic or artificial foliage depending upon their preferences. Some gardeners prefer to use artificial foliage in order to ensure that their landscape designs remain green for years to come despite weather conditions.

We make custom topiaries - Easter Bunny Hero topiary in artificial boxwood

side view of rabbit

sizing and specs for rabbit topiary.

we make custom topiaries, send us your topiary ideas

Lady painter topiary made with chicken wire base with moss and a floral blanket of shrubs and succulents added

/Lady with painting pallet closeup dress with scrubs.

Let us Help You Design Your Next Topiary, learn more on how we design and made this connected globe topiary.

recommend to galvanized topiary wire to protect against weather elements

Learn more on how to protect topiary frame metal against the elements of harsh weather

connected globes in uv outdoor boxwood topiary

Example of a Skeletal Elephant Topiary Frame

elephant skeletal frame


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