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Artificial Topiary & MORE!

Let us help you design your topiaries with artificial foliage that looks real! Browse our faux topiaries, including our range of faux flowers, and let us know what appeals to you.  Order online today to get the best prices that you will find on the internet - our quality is always top-notch!

More topiaries to consider below:

Topiary Animal Availability

Topiary Animal Availability List - READY TO SHIP animal topiaries in moss, frame or lighted. Explore our A to Z list of our animal topiaries that we can ship out immediately. WE CAN SHIP WORLDWIDE. These are great for indoor or outdoor displays, whether you want one for your front porch, the curb outside your home, or an indoor holiday tabletop display.


Topiary Forms - Custom Made

We make custom-made topiary forms on-demand, per your specifications. Please allow us time to make your custom order. Lead time can take between 3 weeks to 2 months, depending on the season.

Call to inquire about your custom topiary needs and to find out more about some of our latest products. 


Preserved Live Topiaries

Explore our live topiary trees that are preserved. Unlike artificial topiary plants, our preserved line is awesome for indoor and outdoor spaces with an overhang. Whether you’re looking for an entrance tree, flowering trees, or rustic farmhouse topiary, we have it all. 

They make for great indoor topiary plants requiring no maintenance. We can customize our topiaries to fit your interior decoration design scheme and container size and can curate your purchase as needed. For example, if you want a classic ball and cone topiary to place on an indoor table, we can flatten the cone to make it less pointy. Just let us know what you want and we will reply to your request with a quote.


Commercial Size Topiary

Explore our showroom of commercial topiaries. All of our extra-large topiary products are handmade. Each one is a project with engineering specs to fit your design themes. Call us today for your next topiary.


Outdoor Topiary

We have a wide variety of choices for outdoor topiary trees and topiary plants that will transform any garden or outdoor living space. They are a beautiful, low-maintenance way to add beauty and shape to your landscaping. Try a large cedar ball topiary for classic sophistication, or an olive topiary for some rustic appeal. Even if you don’t have a large garden, a balcony or a deck are still great backdrops for a small topiary. 


Frame Animal Topiary

We offer the largest and most elegant inventory of Framed Animal Topiary Forms on the internet. Our wired animal topiaries and wired lighted topiaries never fail to impress and are a great addition to any garden.


Mossed Animal Topiary Forms

When working on your landscape design, consider using different types of moss animal topiary forms. Our most popular are dog animal topiaries, with several different breeds available. You’ll also find cats, reptiles, bears, alligators, and farm animals - perfect for a farmhouse topiary! 


Lighted Wired Animal Topiary

Check out our commercial size peacock Topiary for NBC lighting up Rockefeller Center!

Our lighted wired animal topiaries are available in many forms; Yorkies, Westies, Scotties, Schnauzers, Pugs, Poodles, and Jack Russells to name a few. All of our wired animal frames look great on a front porch, deck, or backyard, decorated with white led lights. They’re also great for special occasions, be it Christmas, a wedding, or other holidays. 

These beautiful creations can be part of a yard scene containing one or more of our wired animals, plus our topiary artificial trees. Try pairing up a set of wired Yorkies, a Pug, and a Corgi with one of our 88-inch birdhouses, adding in a faux boxwood double ball topiary tree, and maybe a few of our topiary balls too. This will create a magnificent front or backyard scene, bringing life and energy to your outdoor space. 

The Poodle wired frame includes 17 inches of clear miniature white lights and is 17 inches x 18 inches x 9 inches in size. The Poodle wired frame even includes the iconic Poodle pom-pom tail!  The Poodle frame is available in moss, as well as light-up black topiary framed, or with a simple black frame.


Topiary Wall Foliage

We offer the largest online inventory for topiary walls for residential and commercial use. Our artificial hedges are UV treated and tested and fire retardant. They have a realistic, life-like appearance, bringing instant beauty and privacy to your outdoor space. Even better, they don’t require any upkeep, are eco-friendly and don’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. 


Live Tall Topiary Trees

Need really tall topiary trees, like 17 to 26 feet tall, for your next outdoor project? We are here to help. Call us for your tall topiary tree needs, especially if you want these trees to endure the cold winter months too. Many topiaries look even better in a snowy winter landscape, from a sparkling frost berry tree to a cedar tree winter Christmas topiary.


Topiary Supplies

Although topiaries are low-maintenance, occasional care is recommended to maintain their original beauty. We carry supplies to re-purpose your topiaries and make them look as good as new! 


Topiary Animal Forms

We are known for our flagship display of topiary animals and are constantly creating new designs. We carry animal topiary frames, wired topiary, and lighted topiary animal forms to decorate your garden year-round. They look surprisingly realistic, making them even more impressive. We also carry accessories and supplies so that you can restore the natural beauty of your topiary. 

They work well indoors on a table too. Many people prefer the simple flat installations, but if you sprinkle some animal forms throughout the decoration, space really starts to get exciting. These forms can turn your bland topiary into a vibrant decoration.

When crafting animal topiaries, it is smart to pick vines and plants with thick foliage. These take up empty frame spaces and create solid matte shapes. Boxwood shrubs and Japanese holly are just a few examples of plants that would work well. 

If you’re working on a smaller scale, a herb topiary can be crafted into an animal form. By choosing herbs like rosemary, thyme, bay, and lavender, you will bring a fragrant aroma to your outdoor space, as well as colorful flowers and thick and lush foliage for year-round greenery. 

Besides being hardy when faced with outdoor elements, these herb topiaries offer colorful flowers that really brighten up outdoor and interior decor. Ivy vines make creating sophisticated topiaries quite simple - just take the vines and wind them around the forms. Ivy vines are easy to trim as well. Animal topiaries make any space interesting. Unveiling the best topiary forms will result in beautiful nooks in your house, garden, or any other special space that you can be really proud of.


Real Topiary Trees

Whether you go for a small topiary, a medium topiary, or a large dramatic display, we have real topiary trees to suit every indoor and outdoor space. A beautiful boxwood spiral topiary is always an attention-grabber, or treat yourself to a cedar ball topiary for a classic, elegant look. 


Topiary Planters

We also specialize in a wide range of planters for topiaries. We make it easy to find the perfect planters for your potted topiaries. Whether you’ve got a faux juniper topiary, a boxwood topiary, or a spring obelisk boxwood topiary, you’ll find the perfect planters here. Shop online hassle-free - our system means that your personal data is always kept safe. 


Christmas Topiary

Topiaries make amazing holiday decorations - they’re perfect for Christmas! A red berry & pinecone Christmas topiary always adds so much festive cheer. You could also go for a smaller topiary holiday mantle décor centerpiece for an indoor display. A cedar tree winter Christmas topiary is another popular choice for outdoor spaces, be it your garden, front porch, or deck, but even a small tabletop Christmas tree can be so transformational. Decorate with red berries, frosty pine cones, and faux snow for endless holiday appeal. 


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