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Bay Leaf Topiaries | Spiral Bayleaf Topiaries

Bring some life into your interior space with our Bay Leaf Topiaries available in ball & spiral formations. Choose from live & artificial quality products.

Bay Leaf topiaries in ball, spiral formations. Life like, quality with competitive pricing and ready to ship! The triple ball sweet bay topiary is available potted and comes in both four and five feet options. Both the four and five footers are made with the best possible materials ensuring this piece to last for many years to come. This luxurious topiary piece is ideal for a professional business office or home decor. This triple ball sweet bay topiary is also offered at the six foot level also.

If you are interested in finding a way to bring some life into an interior space but are new to the idea, then you should think about topiary plants. Nothing works better for enlivening your space than a topiary plant. There are several different characteristics of artificial topiary plants that matter. Color is very important, because the right coloration determines how the plant will interact with the light in your space and how it will look with your other design elements.

Bay topiaries are popular as a foliage for a topiary artforms.

There is a great variety of colors available in artificial topiary plants. The fact that it is faux topiary means that it is much easier to select the color you want, and you do not need to worry about the color changing as the plant ages or as it retains different levels of water. Furthermore, if you get tired of a certain color, you can easily get a different plant and remove the old one. The plant will effectively not age. A natural plant will lose leaves and eventually die even if you take perfect care of it. Its lifespan will be reduced when you raise it indoors, particularly in the interior, windowless rooms where topiary-style plants are most effective. 

The bay topiary is extremely popular. It has a beautiful bright green as its base color and an edge color of a complementary lighter green. The greens are brilliant and light shines through them, illuminating the vibrant leaves. This combination works excellently with almost any color of design, because the delicate edge color sets off the solid base green and provides a little contrast that still works well with just about any other color. If you decide that you need a topiary of some kind, it is hard to argue with an artificial bayleaf. They come in many different shapes and types, so you can find one that is suited to the space. For example, a natural plant needs to be trimmed to keep it in the same shape, and it might grow in an unexpected direction or lose foliage in a way that changes its shape. The artificial kind will always have the same shape and color. 

There are many ways you can incorporate a bayleaf plant into your interior space. Look at the kind of furniture you have and the patterns in the wall paint or wallpaper. One of the best places to put a bayleaf is in an office. You can get a smaller plant that will fit into a cube or an office and it will brighten up the space. The bright, artificial light in offices will illuminate the leaves and really bring out the green. Any plant is better than no plant, however, because a topiary removes that stale, depressing atmosphere that can creep into offices. Artificial plants will be better than natural ones because it is hard to keep natural plants alive in offices, where the light and temperature are controlled and are quite different from the natural environment for those plants. 

Home » Artificial Topiary Trees » Bay Leaf Topiary
4 and 5 Foot Bay Leaf Single Ball Tree  1,332 Leaves  Natural Trunk

W-2580: 4.5 Foot Green Bay Leaf Ball Topiary- Natural Trunks. 28-inch diameter.

5 and 5 Foot Bay Leaf Single Ball Tree with Natural Trunks   1,628 Leaves   Green

W-2581: 5.5 Foot Bay Leaf Ball Topiary - Natural Trunks - 1,628 Leaves - Green - Weighted Base

Artificial Topiary Trees, Ball Topiary, 5 feet   Bayleaf Topiary Tree

Our Ball Topiary, 5 feet Bayleaf Topiary Tree is a beautiful topiary for home or office. Diameter is 18 inches around.

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Zone 2: -50 to 40 F / -45.5 to -40 C
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    Zone 4: -30 to -20 F / -34.4 to -28.9 C
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Zone 10: 30 to 40 F / -1.1 to 4.4 C
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