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Cedar Topiary - Life Like Too!

High-quality and affordable cedar topiaries on sale. Add Instant Charm With a Cedar Topiary. Unique designs, low prices. Shop now!

Add Instant Charm With a Cedar Topiary for any time of the year

Whether you want to liven up a drab indoor space or add some style to your outdoor garden, an artificial cedar topiary is a great choice. Add instant, low-maintenance charm to any setting with some fresh greens. 

Benefits of an Artificial Cedar Topiary 

If your office or other room feels drab and uninspiring, a cedar topiary gives it an instant lift. Choose one in any style you like. You never have to worry about trimming it or watering it. 

Cedar trees can also be decorated for the holidays, adding a touch of joy to your office or home. You'll have the pleasure of a live tree without maintenance or worry. Your cedar topiary will thrive even without sunlight or water. 

A Popular Outdoor Choice 

Cedar has long been popular as a choice for outdoor topiary because of its vivid, darkly colored leaves and ability to bend into curved shapes. Most people think of cedar when they think of the elegant, traditional topiaries found in famous gardens. 

You can add that fresh, natural elegance to your office or any other room that doesn't get much natural light. Bring in the beauty of the outdoors with a plant that dazzles with natural-looking colors. 

Brighten Up With Boxwood 

If you prefer the look of a boxwood, you can also try a boxwood topiary that gives the same bright, green touch to your room. Boxwood topiaries come in round or spiral shapes and you're sure to find one that appeals to you. 

Create Your Own Look 

If you enjoy gardening and you want to create a striking look in your garden, consider a topiary frame. You can select from a huge variety or animal or human shapes to create live garden sculptures. Our topiary frames are built to last and designed to make topiary gardening easy for beginners and professionals alike.

We have cedar topiary trees in different styles including spiral and ball topiaries. Order your artificial topiary plants from us and save!

If you are interested in finding a way to bring some life into an interior space but are new to the idea, then you should think about topiary plants. Nothing works better for livening your space than a topiary frame with foliage. There are several different characteristics of artificial topiary plants that matter. Color is very important, because the right coloration determines how the plant will interact with the light in your space and how it will look with your other design elements.

There is a great variety of colors available in artificial topiary plants. The fact that it is faux topiary means that it is much easier to select the color you want, and you do not need to worry about the color changing as the plant ages or as it retains different levels of water. Furthermore, if you get tired of a certain color, you can easily get a different plant and remove the old one. The plant will effectively not age. A natural plant will lose leaves and eventually die even if you take perfect care of it. Its lifespan will be reduced when you raise it indoors, particularly in the interior, windowless rooms where topiary-style plants are most effective. 

The cedar topiary is extremely popular and gives the display of an outdoor topiary indoor.. It has a beautiful dark green as its base color and a rainbow of occasional lighter greens. The greens are brilliant and light shines through them, illuminating the vibrant leaves. This combination works excellently with almost any color of design, because the delicate edge color sets off the solid base green and provides a little contrast that still works well with just about any other color. If you decide that you need a topiary of some kind, it is hard to argue with an artificial cedar. They come in many different shapes and types, so you can find one that is suited to the space. For example, a natural plant needs to be trimmed to keep it in the same shape, and it might grow in an unexpected direction or lose foliage in a way that changes its shape. The artificial kind will always have the same shape and color. 

There are many ways you can incorporate a cedar plant into your interior space. Look at the kind of furniture you have and the patterns in the wall paint or wallpaper. One of the best places to put a cedar is in an office or next to a boxwood topiary. You can get a smaller plant that will fit into a cube or an office and it will brighten up the space. The bright, artificial light in offices will illuminate the leaves and really bring out the green. Any plant is better than no plant, however, because a topiary removes that stale, depressing atmosphere that can creep into offices. Artificial plants will be better than natural ones because it is hard to keep natural plants alive in offices, where the light and temperature are controlled and are quite different from the natural environment for those plants. 


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58 Inch Cedar Tree

A-84185: 58 Inch  Plastic Cedar Tree - 2,456 Green Leaves - 20 Inch  Width - Weighted Base. 

6 Foot Cedar Pine Tree

A-1970: 6 Foot Plastic Cedar Pine Tree - Synthetic Trunk - 2,492 Green Leaves - Weighted Base

6 Foot Cedar Tree

A-84186: 6 Foot Plastic Cedar Tree - 3,416 Green Leaves - 20 Inch  Width - Weighted Base

6 Inch Cedar Ball

A-131080: 6 Inch Cedar Ball.

9 Foot Cedar Pine Topiary

A-90690: 9 Foot Cedar Pine Topiary - Weighted Base

Artificial Topiary Trees, Ball Topiary, 10 inch Cedar Topiary

Our Ball Topiary, 10 inch Cedar Topiary is a beautiful topiary for home or office.

Artificial Topiary Trees, Spiral Topiary, 4 feet   Double Cedar Spiral Tree

Our Spiral Topiary, 4 feet Double Cedar Spiral Tree is a beautiful topiary for home or office.

Artificial Topiary Trees, Spiral Topiary, 5 feet   Cedar Double Spiral Topiary

Our Spiral Topiary, 5 feet Cedar Double Spiral Topiary is a beautiful topiary for home or office.

Artificial Topiary Trees, Spiral Topiary, 6 feet   Double Cedar Spiral Tree

Our Spiral Topiary, 6 feet Double Cedar Spiral Tree is a beautiful topiary for home or office.

Artificial Topiary Trees, Spiral Topiary, 6 feet   Pond Cypress Spiral Tree

Our Spiral Topiary, 6 feet Pond Cypress Spiral Tree is a beautiful topiary for home or office.

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