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Great Gardening Resources

Many people love gardening. They love feeling the dirt between their fingers, the taste of success that comes from tasting a vegetable grown by hand, and the sight of a well-kept flowerbed in full bloom. Gardening enthusiasts can range from those who occasionally dig in their flowerbeds to those who have a perfectly planned out yard or large vegetable garden. There are a lot of benefits to gardening, too: it makes your house look very inviting and attractive, it provides fresh vegetables for your table, and it gives you a reason to go outdoors and enjoy the weather. It’s also a fairly affordable hobby, especially if you plant annuals.

great gardening resources from

While many people have flower or vegetable gardens at home, others choose to do something a little more exotic and create topiary gardens. They can range from simple topiaries done in basic shapes to amazing living animals. Of course, there are some tricks to growing these bushes, as well. Then there are those who unite their passion for gardening with others to create a community garden. These gardens are a great way of sharing the workload and the rewards with your neighbors. The end result can be a huge community garden full of some of the best fruits and vegetables you’ve ever tasted.

But no matter how green your thumb is, every great gardener needs a little advice every now and then. Whether you love growing flowers, vegetables, or topiary trees, here are some resources to great gardening sites that can answer your questions or provide you with more information on different topics related to gardening. A nice creative touch to any garden is to add Topiary Forms around the garden and is an eye catcher too.

Gardening resources are good to share opinions and ideas for topiary gardening from industry experts, learn more on gardening resources. Topiary resources are hard to find in most local communities, so we recommend that you find a topiary source on the internet using Google search.

Container Gardening Tips: Learn how to create a gorgeous flower garden using only flowers grown in containers.

  • Cornell Garden Based Learning: Cornell University’s garden based learning program has lessons, how-tos, and more.
  • How to Grow Your Own Cut Flowers: Learn how to grow flowers for arrangements and bouquets so you don’t have to spend so much at the florist.
  • 14 Flowers That Take the Heat: If you live somewhere that sees high temperatures, plant a few of these heat-resistant flowers.
  • Flowers that Bloom in Cold Weather: Conversely, these are good flowers to pick for colder climates.
  • Flower Gardening: Get some great tips on growing a flower garden from the experts.
  • Top 10 Gardens: These ten gardens are absolutely stunning
  • Vegetable Garden Planning for Beginners: The basics on vegetable garden planning for beginners.

  • Vegetable Gardening Basics: More basic tips and guides to starting your vegetable garden.
  • Planning Your Vegetable Garden: A great roadmap to planning out your garden before you plant.
  • Vegetable Gardening Guide: Learn how to grow your favorite vegetables.
  • A Vegetable Garden How-To Guide: a guide to growing your own fruits and veggies.
  • Kitchen Gardening 101: How to Grow Your Own Food: Learn all of the steps to take food from stem to table.
  • Weekly Steps to a Great Vegetable Garden: Learn how to get started and how to maintain your garden.
  • Planting and Transplanting: Tips on planting and later moving your vegetables
  • Cornel University Horticulture: Cornell University explores the history and types of topiary.

  • Topiary Tips: Ideas and tips for those new to growing topiaries.
  • Topiary and Training Plants: A list of different types of plants and trees used in topiary gardens compiled by the Chicago Botanic Garden.
  • Levens Hall: A historic topiary garden in South Cumbria, UK, that dates back to the 1690s.
  • The Topiary Park: A famous topiary garden located in downtown Columbus, Ohio.
  • Green Animals Topiary Garden: A fun garden in Rhode Island featuring seven acres of animal-shaped topiaries.
  • Famous Topiary Gardens - Awe Moment Gardens: A famous topiary garden located in France.
  • Ladew Gardens: An internationally recognized topiary garden in Maryland.
  • Find Your Community Garden: Search for Community Gardens in New York City.

  • Los Angeles Community Garden Council: A group of community gardeners working together to solve common problems.
  • San Francisco Community Gardens Program: SF Rec and Park Department supports and manages a program of 38 community gardens.
  • Chicago Community Gardens: Chicago has become home to hundreds of community gardens.
  • Philadelphia Community Gardens Map: Philadelphia is a city of community gardens.
  • Boston Natural Areas Network: Helping coordinate activities related to Boston area's community and school gardens.
  • Houston Community Garden Program: Growing nutritious foods and giving with community participation in the process.

    National Garden Clubs: Members of National Garden Clubs grow our world and green our communities.

  • Garden Club of America: Dedicated to spreading the love of gardening, this club has branches in many different states.
  • National Capital Area Garden Clubs: A group of gardening clubs located in Washington, D.C.
  • The Gardeners of America – Men’s Garden Clubs of America: Men’s gardening clubs exist in every state.
  • Pacific Region Garden Clubs: A list of gardening clubs in Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.
  • New England Regional Gardening Clubs: The regional group for gardening clubs in the New England area.
  • The American Horticultural Society: The AHS works to connect gardening enthusiasts with clubs and other gardening societies.

  • Our Community - Topiary Gardening

    There is a wealth of gardening resources online and offline for avid gardeners. However, searching for a gardening resource that fits special needs and ideas takes time.

    Whether gardeners choose to follow gardening blogs, gardening websites or have special plans for organic gardening and landscaping plants for home gardening purposes, being a member of a community of home gardening experts like Topiary Trees, Plants and Animals opens a whole new vista.

    Topiary Trees, Plants, and Animals community of home gardening members stay up-to-date on the latest in landscaping plants, landscaping plant care, and the most recent gardening products on the market. Also, by creating a Topiary Trees, Plants, and Animals online gardening blog, the member community is informed of a broader range of ideas and gardening tips that can be shared. Topiary Trees, Plants, and Animals experts answer questions customers have about their gardening needs.

    When customers are among other lovers of plants and topiary, it isn't long before their topiary hobby grows to special events online and off. This is similar to orchid and Bonzai hobbyists who began as a blog community and grew to huge member participation in online and offline events.

    Topiary has risen from an exclusive style for large baronial mansions of the past to today's love of all things topiary. There are opportunities to see topiary parks such as the Topiary Garden that is part of Topiary Park in Columbus, Ohio that attracts adults and children of all ages. A visit to topiary parks is a good way to introduce young children to this fantastic art form.

    As topiary gardening resources grow, it isn't surprising to see more topiary parks springing up across the country. With certainty, Topiary Trees, Plants and Animals experts will become major players in such a venture due to their status as a leading source for live and artificial topiary in every size, shape, and design.

    This will result in higher volume purchases of topiary frames for garden decor in every town, county, and state topiary garden.