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Real Cone Shape Topiaries

Explore our live outsoor topiaries (Tall) Cone Topiaries which are alive to grow in a garden.  Cone topiary trees or 'conical' are very popular in a topiary garden.

Spiral Topiary - elegant and beautiful 

When you want to dress up the entryway to your home or create an elegant atmosphere in your home or office, look no further than the elegantly tasteful spiral topiary tree. This artificial spruce beauty comes complete with lights and stands an impressive 7 feet high. 

The four legged base is designed for quiet stability. No need to worry that your pet is going to knock this treasure to the floor. 
The spruce garland is wrapped securely around a lifelike trunk and will last for years with just a small amount of regular cleaning. Truthfully, there are few indoor or outdoor home furnishings that create the gracefully tasteful and elegant atmosphere that a spiral spruce lighted topiary tree can. 

Artificial Boxwood Topiaries – for a cheerfully green outdoor home furnishing experience 

Boxwood is often chosen for topiaries because of the distinctively bright green color of its leaves. In real life, boxwood is also popular for topiaries because it is a very hardy plant which is easy to maintain. 

An artificial boxwood topiary makes maintenance even easier. Whether you are looking for the pyramid and ball configuration or the traditional triple ball cut, an artificial boxwood topiary lends an air of dignity to your patio or pool area. 
Combine the classic grandeur of this delightful foliage sculpture with a set of quietly gleaming LED lights and you’ll have created enough understated elegance to make your home the envy of your neighbors. 

Classic Ball Topiary Tree – simple, beautiful, stylish 

The clean, classy look of a boxwood ball topiary tree allows your outdoor space to elegantly reign over your outdoor space. Artificial ball topiaries usually come in three configurations. 

The single ball, for understated class and style; the double ball, when you want to make the statement that your outdoor space is unparalleled in style; and the triple ball, which creates a stylish design you’ll admire each time you see it. 

Sometimes, though, a single topiary in a pot looks unfinished. When you’re decorating your patio or pool area, you want to make sure the image you want matches the reality you are seeing. A single topiary tree could give the impression that its existence is a decorating afterthought. 

For that reason alone, you should consider a mixed group of ball topiaries. Include some single balls, double balls and triple balls to help your home make a statement nobody can ignore. 

The Beauty of a Boxwood Cone Topiary

Enhance your front entryway with a boxwood cone topiary tree. These decorative pots bring some of the beauty of nature to your home, without requiring a lot of space or time in the garden. You'll find that topiaries are available in multiple forms, as artificial plants made with plastic, as live boxwood plants, and as preserved plants that retain their natural beauty for years. 

Choosing an Artificial Topiary for Your Home
Many prefer to pick out a pair of artificial topiary plants over a live boxwood. A high quality artificial plant boasts the same bright green color of a real boxwood, and even fools the casual observer. Being made from a combination of nylon and plastic around a cone topiary frame, these displays last indefinitely and need little to no care. You may want to dust the leaves periodically to keep them looking attractive.

Why Choose a Preserved Boxwood Topiary?
While it is easy to find a faux boxwood cone topiary, it doesn't provide the look of a real plant. For something that gives you a realistic effect, you might want to consider a preserved boxwood topiary. This lovely accent is a real boxwood tree that is grown and shaped into a tall cone before being preserved with a glycerin solution. It retains a bright green shade and looks good for years without needing extra care. 

There are also the added benefits of not requiring water or regular feeding. These plants only need to be lightly dusted to keep the leaves looking shiny and lush. You can also use an aerosol spray can to dust the leaves carefully. 

There is Nothing Like a Real Cone Shaped Topiary
If you are an enthusiast of topiary plants, then you'll likely prefer the real plant. A healthy live boxwood topiary can brighten up your home or a shaded area on the property for many years. It also grows and changes depending on how it is maintained. This plant will require careful trimming to keep its shape. It's well worth it when you are interested in topiaries as a hobby.

Giving your home a few natural accents in the form of cone shaped topiary plants is a great idea. With stylish artificial topiary plants, you get the carefully trimmed look that everyone admires without having to maintain them, while our real topiaries offer the satisfaction that comes from caring for an attractive living plant. Now you just have to choose which type of topiary to use.

Outdoor topiary – the decorating touch everyone will notice 

It’s one thing to have a great lawn or live hedges growing in front of your home. Those make their decorating statement in a way that tells the world you have the basics mastered. 

For a true statement of style you need to go above and beyond the basics. That means you must consider adorning your home with a selection of outdoor topiary trees. These beauties are carefully shaped by hand and their existence in your home tells the world you are willing to go the extra mile to make your home beautiful. 

A live topiary tree takes maintenance to maintain its size and shape from the birth of the tree or plant. An artificial outdoor topiary tree projects a stylish image but at a very low cost of maintenance. Just rinse them off once in a while and they will serve your home’s needs for years. They are the perfect blend of style and easy maintenance.

If you are looking for a hobby that offers tranquility and relaxation look no further than topiary. This amazing hobby offers many different aspects to many different people. People that enjoy meticulous, engaging or even calming hobbies can find joy and fulfillment in topiary. Similar to Bonsai, working on topiary projects can be a beautiful way to pass time, and leave yourself with a conversation piece afterward. We have not only finished topiary works, but also the tools to make your own.

After you have purchased your cone topiaries, you will then need to manage and take care of them. For any live plant purchases, make sure to follow its given care instructions and even read into the type of plant you have and what it needs specifically. Be sure to trim it and maintain its given shape but also feel free to experiment with it. If you have bought a preserved product make sure to dust it and keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent any discoloring.

For large commercial projects, we are your one-stop shop, from topiary walls and mats; large plant structures to be used for floor bases or decorative walls. Mats can be used as pathways or trims for gardens or walkways to homes or businesses. Topiary walls make stunning borders for your home garden. They can be applied to fences or walls to make a backdrop for your garden, completing the scene. You can even add more plants of your own choice into the bedding of the walls or mats to add your own touches.

Do you like sculpting, and making something more interesting than just trimmed plants? With the right wireframes, you can start making your own interesting shaped topiary pieces. You can craft animals, buildings, or simple shapes with wireframes and then add mosses and vines to your work to bring it to life. If you are interested in animal-shaped topiary decorations but are afraid to try your hand at them we have many for sale as well. Along with that we also have wire framed light up animals, perfect for children rooms or outside displays for the night.

Outdoor topiary is a very large and broad selection. To narrow things down think about what you are trying to add to your home or office. If you are looking for something eye-catching and impressive, look for large and interesting pieces. Large bushes or trees set up borders and walls, but bushes with unique trimmings can be inviting and captivating. If you are simply trying to fill a room, plants in pots can be used to fill boring spaces.

If you do not want a live tree, our artificial plants make great workplace decorations. In an environment where everyone is busy, it can be hard to tend to live plants, beautiful artificial plants fill in the room while not needing to be taken care of. Not only do we have collections of pre-made topiaries but we also offer custom orders. If you are in need of a specific piece for your home or business, you can provide instructions and plans and we can create a custom piece for your needs.

We hope that you can find everything you are looking for and more at We try to bring the best in topiary products for your home or business. Whatever your needs may be we are positive you will find something for current or future topiary projects for your home or office. If you have any questions or concerns please check the bottom of the page for customer support and additional information. 




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Buxus s and  'Aureo Variegata' Cone

Buxus sempervirens is typically grown in evenly moist, well-drained loams  in full sun to part shade. This Boxwood  will grow well in a variety of part shade situations, including open sun-dappled conditions or light shade with several hours of morning sun or early afternoon sun.

BUXUS Semp. SUFFRUTICOSA tall cone topiary 1 - 3'
This tall cone topiary is like flashy in a hedge. It can also lighten up a shady place. It also has evergreen leaves with creamy yellow margins and a dark gren centre.
Juniperus Communis Gold Cone (3 and 5 to 4 feet)



Loderi Singleseed Juniper

Scientific name: Juniperus Sqamata Loderi

Grows well in zones 4-9

PRUNUS  OTTO LUYKEN  36 to 42 inches
Otto Luyken is a spreading medium-sized evergreen shrub of dense, low growth, with narrow, glossy dark green leaves.
Thuja o and  'Smaragd'


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