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We have everything you need when it comes to topiary trees and topiary plants! Whether you are looking for live topiary trees, or artificial topiary plants we have got you covered. We also carry many popular topiary accessories including topiary forms and other topiary supplies to keep your topiaries looking their best. Order online today to get the best prices that you will find online, and our quality is always top notch!

Live Topiary Trees & Plants

Topiary animal availability in moss, frame or lighted. We list our A to Z varieties for animal topiaries that we ready to ship. Adding artificial topiary plants to your decor enhances the overall display.

Explore our live topiaries trees that are preserved.  Unlike artificial topiary plants, our preserved line is awesome for indoor and outdoor display with an over hang. They make for great indoor topiary plants requiring no maitenance:). 

Explore our showroom of commercial topiaries. All of our extra large topiaries are handmade. Each one is a project with engineering specs to fit your design themes. Call us today for your next topiary.

We have a wide variety of choices for outdoor topiary trees and topiary plants that will transform any garden or outdoor living space. They are a beautiful, low-maintenance way to add beauty and shape to your landscaping.

We make custom made topiary forms on demand per your specifications. Please allow us time to make custom topiary.  Call to inquire about your custom topiary needs.

When working on your landscape design you should consider using different types of moss  animal topiary  forms. Our most populare are dog animal topiaries. We can make topiaries custom made per your specification. Learn more about your custom handmade topiary forms.

We offier the largest and elegant inventory of Framed Animal Topiary Forms on the internet. Our wired animal topiaries and wired lighted topiaries are awe struck in the eyes of the beholder and a great addition to any garden.


Adorn your patio with our animal plants. We offer live animal trees. Yes, real trees grown from birth that are shaped into an animal over the growth years with the help of a wire frame.

Call to Pre-order your live topiary live sculputures today!

Let us help you design your topiaries with artificial foliage that looks real! Browse our selections and let us know what works for you. If you cannot find what you are looking for in an artifcial topiary plant, let us know and we will find it for you.



We offer the largest and elegant inventory of the Lighted Wired Animal topiary on the internet. Our lighted topiary forms are awestruck in the eyes of the beholder and a great addition to any garden.  We can also custom-make topiary frames with lights using your inspirational topiary.

Lighted Topiaries for the bright look and awesome appeal to light up your topiary! Our lighted topiaries come in single ball, double ball, triple ball or spiral formations for indoor or outdoor use. 

Check out the artificial topiary plants in the unique hedge or box shape style. These are a great way to make your space both beautiful and tidy by adding a little something extra with a fancy feel. These breathtaking hedge topiary and box topiary, will allow you to find the perfect look for your decorating and display needs. 

The simple shape of a topiary ball accents its surroundings in an exceptional way. These ball topiaries can be a single topiary ball in any size container, clustered together in an outside landscape or they can be stacked with or without branching in between the balls.

Our spiral topiary trees are a beautiful way to add a touch of class to any decor. They are gorgeous both indoors and outdoors. Our spiral topiary trees are a beautiful way to add a touch of class to any decor. They are gorgeous both indoors and outdoors and are sure to make any space look polished and fresh. 

Moss topiary galore. We offer an extensive line of preserved and artificial moss topiary for any decor design. Most popular for low maintenance. Our mossed topiary uses the highest quality foliages at an exceptionally affordable price. 

Taking care of your topiaires from time to time is recommended so you can restore its original beauty. We carry supplies to re-purpose worn or tired looking topiaires. Moss is the natural substance used to cover a topiary frame. The frames, or forms, are shaped in wire, and the moss fills in and covers the frame. 

We offer the largest online inventory for topiary walls for resdential and commercial use. Our artificial hedges are UV Treated and Tested, Fire Retardant., Life-like appearance, instant beauty and Privacy, No further attention for upkeep, are Earth Friendly and most importantly harmful chemicals or toxins.


Need really tall topiary trees like 17 to 26 feet tall for your next project. Well, we are here to help. Call us for your tall topiary trees, especially if you need these trees to endure winter months too.

Creativity is fully expressed through these natural and living works of art, that can be easily brought to display and enjoy conveniently. If you want to get larger live topiary trees, let us know as most of them are still growing and we would need to check the nursery.


We are known for our flagship display of topiary animals. We also carry animal topiary frames, wired topiary,  and lighted topiary animal forms to decorate your garden year around. We also carry topiary supplies so you can restore the natural beauty of your topiary. We can ship to the USA, CANADA & EUROPE. 

Real topiary trees are hard to find that achieve the true art of a topiary. They take years to grow! Our inventory varies for matured topiary in geometrical shapes to animal forms. Feel free to contact us to help you with your topiary endeavors.

We specialize in planters for topiaries. We remove the mystery to find planters for your topiaries.  Shop online hassle free. Discover a huge range of our affordable & quality topiary planters to help you enhance the appearance of your topiary trees & plants. 

Buy quality Christmas Topiaries Plants for lovely and traditional Holiday decor. decorate with these whimsical potted topiary balls in varying heights and sizes. Low maintenance plants that will add a splash of Holiday cheer wherever you place them.


How to care for your Topiary?: Explore our Care Instructions for Live Topiary Plants & Trees so they will last a long time in your home or office.  Explore our Care Instructions for Live Topiary Plants & Trees so they will last a long time in your home or office. 

Our topiaies at times go out of Season from time to time or we just sell out. We hope to offer these topiaries back later when they can ship. Please check back at a later date or subscribe to our news letter to get current updates.

Our Recommended Resources for Gardeners & Gardening with Topiaires and Animal Forms to make a beautiful garden. We offer years of experiences that go into our  our topiary gardening resources. 

Check out our topiary trees ON-SALE at wholesale prices. Need to move inventory. We have select inventory to move quickly our of our Atlanta location,

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Over Watering Your Plants?

 USDA Plant Zones Guide

Zone 1: Below -50 F / below -45.6 C
Zone 2: -50 to 40 F / -45.5 to -40 C
Zone 3: -40 to -30 F / -39.9 to 34.5 C
Zone 4: -30 to -20 F / -34.4 to -28.9 C
Zone 5: -20 to -10 F / -28.8 to -23.4 C
Zone 6: -10 to 0 F / -23.3 to -17.8 C
Zone 7: 0 to 10 F / -17.7 to -12.3 C
Zone 8: 10 to 20 F / -12.2 to -6.7 C
Zone 9: 20 to 30 F / -6.6 to -1.2 C
Zone 10: 30 to 40 F / -1.1 to 4.4 C
Zone 11: Above 40 F / above 4.5 C