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Live Cone & Spiral Topiaries

Our topiaries make a perfect decoration for any occasion. If you have ever wanted to use plants to bring life to your home, is a great way to present a natural, yet distinguished look to your guests. The pronounced appearance will give a wonderful sense of architecture that will make you proud. Your guests will be captivated by the rich, unique design. These little gems are simple and easy to care for with a little water, sunlight and occasional pruning. The clean cut cone shape appearance provide a formal settings while adding an eye catching scenery in any location. These plants are available in short or tall varieties making them fitting for a host of different applications.

A live topiary tree in a cone shape works beautifully as the centerpiece of a celebration or as an accent to add a touch of natural beauty to the background of your home or office. Topiaries add an eye catching scenery to any event. These beautifully shaped plants and trees can also be used near the entrance, among the sidelines or at the main attraction of any event indoors or outside. The pronounced appearance will leave a lasting impression on you, your family and guests. They are a delight to view and require very little maintenance. Keeping the plant cleanly pruned is easy and found to be an enjoyable experience for ordinary people and plant lovers alike. Spiral topiary bring an outstanding enhancement to any landscape or scenery especially when combined with a beautiful array of flowers in many colors and textures.

Our ball and cone topiaries are a great addition to bring things to life. If you find you have a dull area of your home, yard or any location during an event and want to brighten things up, one of these beauties will do the job. The architectural look brings a feel of perfection and formality, while creating a warmth of life at the same time. Its an impression your guests will be talking about and will not soon forget. Placement for conical topiary near any limited source of sunlight will not only supply the necessary nutrients needed, but pronounce the delightful beauty of the plant itself. Whether you need something large or small, with the fresh scent of lemon cypress or the classic look of ivy, we have a cone topiary for you.

There is no substitution for live topiary in an elegantly designed setting. Fresh Topiaries give the space a feeling of life and vitality. Arrange this topiary in different patterns and settings to make the most out of the desired design. Topiaries are widely sought after by designers and homeowners alike due to their great versatility. Indoors or outdoors, these live plants offer a range of uses and designing options. They are easy to care for, hearty, and visually stunning. Having topiaries in your landscaping or interior design plan will give it a true feeling of elegance and life that you just can not get with other plants.

These trees are hearty and easy to care for. They do enjoy a hearty watering, but need to be allowed to dry out moderately between waterings. It is not recommended that the roots be exposed to excess water. This will cause the roots to rot and the plant will ultimately die. With the correct amount of moisture and light.  Learn more about how to care for topiary plants.

» Live Cone & Spiral Topiary
210G, Ivy Live Topiary Trees

210G Large Plain, Live Ivy Topiary Tree

215G, Ivy Live Topiary Trees

215G Large Elongated, Plain Ivy Topiary Tree

216G, Ivy Live Topiary Trees

216G Large Cone and Ball Plain Ivy Topiary Plant

290G, Ivy Live Topiary Plants

290G Whimsical Swirl Ivy Topiary Plant

314G, Ivy Live Topiary Plants

314G Medium Teardrop and Purple-Accent Ivy Topiary Plant

529, Rosemary Live Topiary Plants

529 Fresh, Medium, Full-Thickness Rosemary Topiary Plant

538, Rosemary Live Topiary Plants

538 Live, Small, Cone-Shaped Plain Rosemary Topiary Plant


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 USDA Plant Zones Guide

Zone 1: Below -50 F / below -45.6 C
Zone 2: -50 to 40 F / -45.5 to -40 C
Zone 3: -40 to -30 F / -39.9 to 34.5 C
Zone 4: -30 to -20 F / -34.4 to -28.9 C
Zone 5: -20 to -10 F / -28.8 to -23.4 C
Zone 6: -10 to 0 F / -23.3 to -17.8 C
Zone 7: 0 to 10 F / -17.7 to -12.3 C
Zone 8: 10 to 20 F / -12.2 to -6.7 C
Zone 9: 20 to 30 F / -6.6 to -1.2 C
Zone 10: 30 to 40 F / -1.1 to 4.4 C
Zone 11: Above 40 F / above 4.5 C