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Commercial Size Topiary

Commercial Size Topiary Art

Each Topiary Project is Engineering with Specifications to fit your Design Inspirations!

Call us today for your Topiary Requirements Today!

When you're running a successful business, the last thing you need or want to worry about is the outdoor landscape. Of course it's important to maintain the exterior of your business because it reflects either good or bad about what is going on inside. If the outside looks well cared for, it shows the world your business is successful. 

You also want to draw foot traffic to your business with appropriate signage and a welcoming entrance would be a large topiary in the theme of your business interest. One way to make the entrance stand out is to flank it on either side with a topiary plant.  Another way to make your business stand out is by planting topiary directory into the ground in the landscape surround your business. 

Unusal Topiary

Perhaps you want to make your own large and unusual topiary, with live plants. Or maybe you have a unique idea for a topiary frame and would like it filled by our state-of-the-art materials. Consider artificial boxwood or artificial grass to cover your custom topiary form. We are happy to accommodate your custom design with frames in either situation. "Install a pair of matching topiary plants with our matching decorative pots.

TOPIARYTREE.NET made this tTopiary Peacock

Our ususual topiary starts with love peace sitting Buddha. We are so proud to show case this beautful piece of topiary art that embraces peace & love. Two seated figures placed back-to-back transfer the energy of peace and love to one another and to the viewers as they traverse through the gallery. JEFRË’s iconic blockhead becomes a space onto which visitors can project their own features and for a moment become part of the artist’s work. Learn more on how we make this unusal topiary

One Love (Baks Series), 2020 Stainless steel, artificial moss, MDF, projection, facial recognition kiosk, sound that transfers positive energy.

Two seated figures placed back-to-back transfer the energy of peace and love to one another and to the viewers as they traverse through the gallery. JEFRË’s iconic blockhead becomes a space onto which visitors can project their own features and for a moment become part of the artist’s work.

Design specs: 15 feet tall, stainless steel, galvanzied metal, Altered landscape, Virtual reality, Where peace and love have the highest value. On a pedestal. We view, Projections thereof, Reflections, Of self - actualization, Individual and collective.



A Design for Any Use

Topiary designs are used in many situations and take many forms. They are often a hallmark of a stately home or formal garden. In other situations, they pique interest in a commercial landscape. 

Our experienced and talented metal sculpture artists can build any size and design you can imagine. Are you looking for a large animal to display in a park or the landscape a topiary zoo? An elephant topiary? A lion topiary

Planting topiary with moss is a great idea to achieve this look of the succullent growning on the lady painitng topiary.  Adding live topiaries around the background also enhance the landscape design.

Whether focal points or conversation pieces, a range of shapes and forms may be just what you desire. Animals are popular topiary forms, as are specially shaped trees, shrubs, and hedges.

The bigger your design, the more dramatic it may appear. We can build a frame for that. Striking living decorations can enhance any outdoor event, such as a wedding, a child’s party or an opening for your outdoor-themed business. A large topiary for outdoor use is best to have the metal gavlanized.

Living topiaries are a work of art, one which the experienced topiary gardener creates with passion. Topiary gardening involves training plants to grow into a specified shape by strategic pruning and the use of topiary forms. It is truly an art. Regular, intricate pruning and care are necessary to keep them in perfect condition.

Shipping Large Topiaries is important to know upfront before the work begins. Learn more about shipping considerations. We also ship to Canada too.

custom made topiary with floral blanket of shrubs, succulents and moss














Take Advantage of Our Expertise

Allow us to embellish upon your idea and provide the perfect frame for your project. Our wire topiary frames are designed to make it easy to train densely-leafed plants and help them hold their shapes as they grow.

They are also lightweight enough to move into a greenhouse or building for protection during frosty or freezing seasons. However, if you experience long seasons of cold weather, fill your frame with our state-of-the-art faux materials that hold up in any temperatures. New technology has allowed the development of fabricated plant materials that appear real. So real that even a professional horticulturist must look closely to discover the materials.

Affordable, easy-to-use topiary forms make it simple to get them set up and filled with your plant selections. We can create just what you have in mind and you take it from there, working your artistic mastery for a true work of art.

Our planters come in all sizes, so if you need something small, just let us know. We can create any size you might need.

Outdoor Topiaries 

The most popular form of topiary is installed outdoors, either in pots or planted directly into the ground. The most striking type of topiary is made from real plants. These plants are groomed their entire lives. They are shaped and grown into a recognizable form; literally artwork for the yard. Unfortunately, living outdoor topiaries must be regularly pruned, trimmed and further trained to continue to look like the shape they were grown into. 

Installing decorative topiary in the ground also enables you to choose from a large variety of shapes and sizes. You may even decide to use a topiary in a form that is suggestive of your product or service. (Think of a certain rodent made into topiary at a chain of popular theme parks in the United States and a few other places around the world.) 

If the commercial landscape of your business has a lawn, it may make sense to install topiary in the ground as a decorative accent that shows the world you have a successful business. It also shows the world that you care about making the environment pleasing and a joy to behold. 


Commercial Landscape 

The outdoor area of most businesses can be only a sidewalk on a commercial street. It can also be a strip mall with a parking lot. In either case, with one storefront after another and doors that look nearly identical, how do you get your business to stand out from the other ones nearby?  These look real!!

Large 28 foot outdoor trees that look real, but are artificial

One way to make your business stand out is to put a potted plant on either side of the entrance. But don't stop with just a potted plant. Install a pair of matching topiary planted in matching decorative pots. The twin planters will create symmetry and this will make your business really stand out from the others nearby. 

In-ground topiary can be larger than the potted kind. You won't have to worry about the pots tipping over in a storm or strong of gust of wind. Also, it's much harder for someone to steal a topiary that is planted in the ground. 

Artificial Topiary and Faux Topiary 

One way to cut down on maintenance is to install a faux topiary or an artificial topiary. A faux topiary is usually made from a vine that is attached to a wire form. The result is a plant that looks like it was grown, for example, in the shape of a heart or circle. In reality, the plant started out as a length of a vine and was fastened to the form. 

There's nothing wrong with a faux topiary. It is still unique and growing in a shape not found in nature. The best part is that a faux topiary is much less labor-intensive and time-consuming to produce, therefore it is much less expensive than traditional topiaries that are grown, trained and trimmed into a special and unique shape. Explore our outdoor topiary warranty.

An artificial topiary is the same as an artificial plant—it is made out of silk or plastic. Silk topiaries are generally used indoors and plastic ones are generally used outdoors. Plastic topiaries can be installed directly into the ground in your lawn or garden bed. They can also be installed into a decorative pot. 

/Let us help you design your outdoor topiaries.  This is a outdoor spiral topiary.png

There are other benefits of using an artificial topiary versus using a real, living plant. First of all, they will always look as perfect as the day you got them. Second, there is virtually no maintenance involved with artificial topiaries, except maybe dusting them off once in awhile. If your climate gets regular rainfall, you won't even have to do that. 

Finally, there is an almost endless variety of artificial topiary from which to choose. They come in several different animal shapes. The choices increase greatly if you decide to go with a geometric shape. Artificial topiary comes in either a single sphere or a series of spheres stacked with the largest one at the bottom and smaller and smaller ones stacked atop each other. Another geometric shape popular in topiary is the cone. They can be tall and slim cones or short and fat cones or almost anything in between. 

Consider installing decorative topiaries in your commercial landscape or flanking the entrance to your business. It's like an additional signpost that customers will remember and will make it easy for new customers to find. Just tell them to look for the cool looking plants outside.

/Angel Lights

recommend to galvanized topiary wire to protect against weather elements

Learn more on how to protect topiary frame metal against the elements of harsh weather

/angel moss

Barcardi Bottle Topiary 

/barcardi bottle

Learn How We Apply Artificial Boxwood to Topiaries

bears sitting

The Beattle's Band


dinosaur with long neck looking backwards

/dinosaur and dalek

elephant family out for the day

For centuries, people have added a dramatic touch to the exterior of their buildings with large topiary trees. The visual impact of these installations says a lot to the visitor. The artistic flair of large topiary trees will indicate you appreciate good taste. And having large topiary trees during the winter brightens the appearance your business.

Commercial landscaping should include a mixture of large topiary trees, ball topiaries and custom designed topiaries inside and outside your building. The elements you chose should define your business space whether it is formal or casual. You can take an artful and fresh approach with playful ball topiaries or install something seriously sculptural to convey whatever is meaningful to your image.

The range of variety in topiaries for commercial use is endless. The elegant manicured nature of topiary designs are always stunning and impressive. Choose the style and shape from bold and striking to subdued and sophisticated. Whatever topiary you select, it will impress and bring warmth and style to your commercial décor.

Elephant Lead

elephant standing on a box

elephant standing with horns


German Shepherd Grass covered

/giraffe pair standing lifesize

Giraffe frame with lights

Giraffes side by side

cowboy frame with lasso

Giraffes standing

high heels with lights


/arge hand and bean stalk

magical moss sauropod side view

/magical moss sauropod

display of beer bottle and beer can in boxwood outdoor foliage

All of our extra-large topiaries are handmade. Each one is a project with engineering specs to fit your design themes. Call us today for your next topiary. Fast Shipping & Low Price Guarantee

» Commercial Size Topiary
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