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Topiary Tree Planters


There are so many things that make topiary such a worthwhile practice. There are many incentives for people to look into their topiary options. Topiary, in a nutshell, refers to a form of art that revolves around the clipping of trees. If you're keen on fascinating and complex forms and shapes, then you won't be able to turn away from the marvels of topiary. You don't have to be a topiary powerhouse in order to appreciate it, either. You can confirm your appreciation for the art simply by putting plants up on display for the whole world to view. That's why you need to invest in the ideal planter, period. If you want to do so, then your first step should be to check out our in-depth online shop. We can present you with a planter box that manages all of your needs and more. If you want to secure a modern planter that's fresh and inspired, we won't disappoint you. Our pot planter options run the gamut. We even present shoppers with custom planters that can show off their specific personalities, wishes and aspirations overall.

We carry a wide variety of topiary planters to help enhance the appearance of your topiary, including fake topiary plants. You can find some extravagant topiary tree planters which will make your plants look even better. We offer the best prices that you will find online!

Thrilling Planter Choices to Consider

Do you want to get your hands on a lattice box planter that has an appealing and classic feel? Do you want to get your hands on a planter that's made out of resilient and hardwearing fiberglass? If your answer to either question is "yes," then it's up to you to take a thorough tour of our site. It doesn't matter if you're keen on customized topiaries, artificial topiary, preserved topiary or anything else along those lines. We can make you feel fantastic with our plentiful, diverse and contemporary choices. If you want to get a planter that's nice and light and therefore a piece of cake to get from point A to point B, then you'll admire our fiberglass choices. These planters can come in handy for people who simply do not want to have to deal with bulky items. They can be optimal for folks who revel aesthetic charms as well. That's due to the fact that they're endlessly visually appealing. If you want to take your interior design approach to the next tier, you won't be able to resist our fiberglass offerings. Most popular is our boxwood topiary that fits nicely in a topiary planter in the cone or ball tier shapes.

Why are Topiary Containers Hard to Find?

A topiary planter can make or break your entire garden if you do not find the balance. The plant is already quite nice on its own, but without the correct placement and home to grow in, it is still simply a pruned plant. You need to garnish the tree or shrub by using a high-quality planter to really make the garden pop and stand out to those visiting for the day. The choice of which planter to use is solely up to you, however.


There are a wide variety of topiary planters available for purchase through the store, including Grecian, Resin, Honeycomb, and Barn Metal. Depending on the style you're looking to fit in with the rest of the decor on your porch, patio, or on your lawn, there should be an option available on the market for your topiaries. Each one is unique and has its own flair, color, and style.


A topiary is any type of plane pruned into a specific shape or certain form. These forms and shapes are generally seen within the confines of a large lawn after a landscaping company came through and worked their magic. However, some topiaries are small enough to be included in the home or on the porch using a topiary planter. Some topiaries are created using only the plant and its growth, such as when a gardener spends time training a plant to grow around a constructed frame built into the planter. This type of growth takes careful precision, time, and care. Something like this can only be done by someone who has a beautiful planter in place to watch over their plants.

Add Shrubs to your Topiary Container Just Above the Dirt/Moss Level for a 3D Look

The most common topiary to insert into a planter is a shrub, which can be customized to your liking through careful clipping and care. Shrubs are often chosen due to how they grow, meaning most gardeners opt for training their shrub into a topiary instead of simply cutting the leaves and branches down into a specific style or shape.


Add Herbs to your Topiary Container Just Above the Dirt/Moss Level for a 3D Look

Herbs are often used for small-scale topiaries but are highly popular amongst those keeping an herb garden or as a gift to a loved one. Herbs are known to be quite pretty and fragrant, and they can also be carefully groomed and trained to grow into specific shapes in a planter worthy of their nature. For example, Rosemary is known to have a particularly pungent, yet pleasant scent. Lavender is known for its purple flowers and the wonderful, vibrant smell.

Topiary planters are the ideal way to display your topiary sculptures.They can be used indoors or out to bring the freshness of nature into your living or working space. 

Whether you want to add indoor greenery to a home, office, or public space, topiary outshines the typical potted plant. Boxwood ball topiary is always a popular choice, with its whimsical stack of boxwood balls along a vertical stem. Ball topiary in a planter livens up an unused corner on a landing or lobby. 

A topiary in planter display is equally appealing outdoors. Although you can install things like ball boxwood or boxwood spiral topiary directly into the ground, using a planter gives you greater flexibility to redesign an arrangement. 

For example, you might begin with a boxwood triple ball topiary centrally displayed in your garden. When you later decide to add a double spiral, using the tree in planter option lets you easily reposition the boxwood to achieve a balanced arrangement of both trees. On the other hand, you might decide to move both pieces to a completely different location, which isn’t an easy task if they are planted in the ground. 

Choosing to display your topiary in planters lets you have a style of planter that complements your taste. Whether you like the rustic look, the classic Grecian style, or something sleek and contemporary, you can find a planter to suit. 


We offer a wide selection of containers in a variety of materials. You can have the look of wood, metal, and ceramic planters. Most are suitable for either outdoor or indoor use, although some may weather if they’re left exposed to the elements. Many people like this weathered look, but there are plenty of other options if that is not for you. The following list highlights some of our popular materials. 

• Resin. Resin is a sturdy material that that can be used inside or outside. Besides its durability, one of its greatest features is that it can be molded into almost any shape. Resin can also be made to mimic a variety of finishes, including metal. 

You might like our metallic-look resin urn that’s rimmed with acanthus leaves. It stands on a pedestal and, at 11 inches in diameter, would be a showpiece container for a small topiary sculpture. 

A rectangular, trough-style resin container is a great option if you want to group several plants together. It works well in a large room or in an outdoor living area where a boxwood topiary with planter display would be appealing. 

• Cyclan. Cyclan is a material that’s made from a mix of stone and resin. It gives containers a gorgeous, smooth, modern look that is particularly effective indoors. Cyclan is the ideal mix of the naturalness of stone and the durability of resin. 

We use Cyclan to make many of our most beautiful Grecian-style urns. Whether you choose a low, wide bowl or a tall, deep vase, an urn gives instant cachet to your topiary sculpture. 

• Metal. If the rustic look is what you love, take a look at our Barn Metal Planters. These are made of corrugated metal in a weathered, wooden frame. Because these are natural materials, the metal may show a bit of rust, and the wood will have variations in color. 

You can personalize our Barn Metal containers by staining or painting the wood frame. Maybe you want it to blend in with the surrounding foliage, or maybe you want that particular boxwood planter to pop out from the background. Customize it however you like to suit your taste. 

• Cedar. Cedar wood is a wonderful natural material that displays your topiary with planter set to advantage. We have several styles of cedar planters. 

Our Chevron Cedar Container is a cube that uses the natural color variation of cedar wood to create a chevron pattern on each side. It’s bordered with an unstained wooden frame. 

We also offer an Industrial Cedar option. These planters are also square, but they are held together with metal strips and screws for a more industrial look. They are available in a variety of finishes, but one of the most popular gives the planter a gray, weathered metal appearance. 

• Barnwood. We offer a couple of different styles of Barnwood Planters. The most rustic has the weatherbeaten look of authentic wood from one of those barns you see along the road: the paint is long gone, the rain and insects have left their mark, and it has personality for days. 

These rustic Barnwood containers are square with a flat sill around the top. They are unfinished and unpainted, so the natural beauty of the original wood is prominently featured. 

Our second barnwood option is the Handscraped Barnwood Container. These cubes have a bit more of a structured look. The wood is more regular, and they have a frame. You can choose a Handscraped Barnwood Container with a finish of your choice. We are happy to work with you to get the color and appearance you need to best showcase your natural or artificial tree plantings. 

• Fiberstone. Fiberstone is a mix of stone and concrete. It has the sturdiness of concrete, but the stone gives it a smoother finish. 

Fiberstone is an excellent choice if you want the look of old statuary that is white with a patina of age. Decorative moldings mimic the look of skilled stone carving. Our Fiberstone urns, bowls, and rectangular planters are particularly appropriate for memorial plantings. 

Other Fiberstone planters are available in the brown color of antique terra cotta. They have a classic style that speaks of ancient artifacts. You might like an urn that is small enough for the tabletop, or a large urn on a pedestal that will impressively display a special topiary. 

Shapes and Sizes 

Once you have decided on a material for your planter, you can choose the shape and size. A tiny 7-inch rectangular container makes a cute indoor accent when planted with lavender or rosemary that has been trained into shapes. 

At the other extreme, our 48-inch tall Nero Urn is impossible to overlook. Its 26-inch diameter has plenty of room for plants, and its black color is striking and dramatic. 

In between, we have a wide range of sizes. Fourteen-inch square planters, 24-inch vases, and 12-inch planters are just a few of the choices we offer. 

You may choose from a variety of shapes, too. Rectangular, square, and bowl-shaped planters are popular. So are urns of various designs and simple, deep vases. 

Let your imagination and creativity lead you to unique combinations of styles that cannot be duplicated by anyone else. Matching pieces that subtly connect the rooms in your home or the areas of your garden are a classic way to create flow through spaces. On the other hand, a well-chosen mix of eclectic pieces can add interest and surprise to those same spaces. 

We invite you to take a look at what we offer and choose just the right topiary planter for your home or garden.


Knowledgeable and Amiable Customer Support Representatives

We're not a standard Internet store that handles topiary matters. That's because we're an online boutique that has a rock-solid mission in place. What exactly is that huge mission? It's to educate people the world over with regard to all kinds of topiary matters. It's simultaneously to give people everywhere access to the finest and most powerful topiary supplies and tools possible. If you want to shop for planters that can blend in seamlessly in your living space, we can accommodate you to a T. If you want to shop for planters that can remain in your space for years and years at a time, the same thing applies. Visit our super topiary shop online without hesitation.



» Topiary Planters
11 Inch Resin Round Acant Leaf Urn

For a look that blends in with your topiary’s own foliage, this urn is an excellent choice. This urn is ideal for smaller topiaries and its metallic look gives it an air of luxury.

12 and 5 Inch Square Contemporary Planter

The planter’s sleek lines are excellent or homes pursuing a modern look. Small or medium-sized topiaries would be right at home in this handsome planter. A thin tree with rounded foliage may be the perfect contrast with this piece.


12 Inch Honeycomb Vase

This uniquely-designed vase is ideal for smaller plants and makes for an excellent statement piece. Its moody dark color makes it stand out in brighter places, giving brightly-colored topiaries the chance to stand out that much more.

14 Inch Barn Metal Planter Container

This attractive planter is sturdy enough to support topiaries of all sizes, even large ones. Anyone who loves rustic or natural style will appreciate a charming planter like this immensely.

14 Inch Chevron Cedar Container

The diversity of this container is obvious just by looking at it. Its clean, straight lines make it blend in with modern homes exceptionally well, while its many colors make it suitable for just about any space’s existing color scheme.

14 Inch Industrial Cedar Containers

This rugged container’s diversity is enhanced because it can be stained. Its sturdy construction and more basic design also make it ideal for just about any home design, whether you choose to plant a topiary or a ton of flowers.

16 inch   Barnwood Planters Container

This beautifully rustic planter is an excellent addition to any home. Its rugged and earthy exterior make it ideal for larger plants that need a sturdy planter to sit in.

16 Inch Barn Metal Planter Container

16 Inch Chevron Cedar Container

This highly customizable container can blend in with just about any kind of home decor, both contemporary and antiquated. The unique chevron design also lends visual interest, as well as directs attention to whatever you decide to plant inside.

16 Inch Handscraped Barnwood Container

Let this bright white container make your lushest topiary stand out and become the center of attention. The showier the foliage, the more your topiary is sure to stand out.

18 Inch Barn Metal Planter Container

This massive 18-foot planter is excellent for any size of topiary and allows for larger and more impressive mixed displays. For example, you could place a tall topiary in the center and surround the base with flowers. Made with natural stains and can be stained in multiple colors.

18 Inch Chevron Cedar Container

Sharp lines, a variety of color options and a multitude of practical uses make this container stand out and blend in at the same time. This container is excellent for topiaries, flower arrangements and much more.

18 Inch Handscraped Barnwood Container

This massive 18-foot planter is excellent for any size of topiary and allows for larger and more impressive mixed displays. For example, you could place a tall topiary in the center and surround the base with flowers. Made with natural stains and can be stained in multiple colors.

18 Inch Honeycomb Vase

This vase’s eye-catching design and dark, somber yet neutral color make it suitable as a statement piece on its own or with flowers inside. The dark color makes it stand out in brightly-colored rooms, quickly becoming the center of attention. Stands 18 Inch high with an 8 Inch diameter base. Help keep the flow of the room.

18 Inch Industrial Cedar Container

Available in a variety of stain colors, this sturdy container can be customized to suit your room’s color scheme. Its large size makes it suitable for one or several different plants, while its basic design fits any kind of theme. Completely done with natural stains and can be created in multiple colors.

20 Inch Chevron Cedar Container

This massive container’s unique design, alongside the ability to have it stained any way you wish, make it the perfect centerpiece in just about any home design plan. Whether you love modern or traditional design, this container will blend in. 

20 Inch Handscraped Barnwood Container

Available in several colors, do not let the basic design of this container fool you. The rugged texture and excellent size ensure that it will provide plenty of visual interest without diverting attention from whatever you decide to plant inside.


24 Inch  Cylan Vase

The fact that this vase is made of smooth stone and resin means it’s not only durable, but also that it’s perfect for more modern rooms. The neutral grey color also helps to tie a room together seamlessly. Stone cast resign vase. Help with colors to accent any room.

24 Inch  Cylan Vase

This vase’s black color and smooth lines goes with just about any color scheme and is sure to make whatever you plant stand out marvelously. The resin and stone construction also lend the vase some durability, ensuring it will last.

24 Inch Cylan Vase

This vase’s white color and smooth lines goes with just about any color scheme and is sure to make whatever you plant stand out marvelously. The resin and stone construction also lend the vase some durability, ensuring it will last. 

25 Inch Square Contemporary Planter

Excellent for fans of modern design, this sleek black planter is sure to impress. This planter is perfect for making showy flowers stand out more, as well as blending in with the rest of a room’s chosen colors.

29 Inch Tan Terra Planter

For more modern rooms utilizing an array of earth tones, it doesn’t get much better than this planter. The appealing zigzag pattern give the vase a geometric quality that can be enhanced by an excellently manicured topiary for stunning contrast. Can be used Indoor or Outdoor and stands 29 Inch high with a 10.5 Inch diameter. 

36 Inch  Nero Urn

This tall, dark and handsome urn is regal enough to fit in with traditional home design, yet sleek enough to still fit in with modern homes. With its size, it can accommodate topiaries, clusters of flowers and everything in between. Stands 36 Inch high with a 20 Inch diameter. Can be used for other purposes around the house.

37 Inch Tall Diamond Planter

The lantern-like style of this planter also makes it ideal for displays utilizing lights; just steer clear of using candles. Bamboo, lilies and lady palms would look stunning in this oriental-inspired piece as well. Approximately 37 Inch T x 18 Inch W. It's eye catching stylish tt helps add the flow to any room.

40 Inch Tan Terra Planter

Stands 40 Inch  high with a 18 Inch diameter. It can be used for outdoor and indoor used.

48 Inch Nero Urn

An excellent statement piece in just about any home, this towering urn is sure to get your guests’ attention immediately. The black color puts the focus on what is inside the urn, making your plants the star of the show. Stands 48 Inch Tall x 26 Inch Diameter.

7 Inch Petal Rim Urn

Don’t pass on this dainty little urn just because it’s small. This small dish-like urn is perfect for display on a tabletop, and is elegant enough that it could easily accommodate everything from flowers to treats for guests. Stands at 7 Inch H and in 12.5 Inch Diameter. 

7 Inch Resin Rectangular Centerpiece Urn

Earthy color and lovely curvature, this piece would fit in with a more traditional style. Perfect for herb garden as well. Fast Shipping & Low Price Guarantee.

Antique Rustic Wooden Rice Buckets

These small buckets are able to fit in all sorts of smaller spaces, including shelves an end tables. Try placing one of these on your windowsill with some colorful flowers or put them in your kitchen with some fresh herbs. Florals in a layered fashion look stunning in this bucket. It becomes a wonderful centerpiece for any table.

Antique Style Garden Container

If you have a collection of fresh herbs, you could also place this planter on a counter so that you can have fresh herbs anytime. With its antiquated style, this planter may be better suited to more traditional tastes. This long planter can be used indoors for topiaries!

Birch Sheets

Birch Sheets to decorate with topiaries measuring in 12 Inch x12 Inch sheets. These finishes will add the finishing touches to create a spectacular topiary. Birch sheets offer so many opportunities for adding rich texture and rustic quality to your planting projects.

Bobli Garden Planter

Bring a little piece of Italian inspiration into your home with this charming planter. With its ancient-style design and its neutral coloration, this planter can go in just about any room of the house. The Bobli Garden Planter features raised roping and medallion details around this simple yet handsome planter.

Classic Urn Planter - Medium

Classic Urn Planter | Medium | Cast Stone Planter

Stone cast resin urns are lighter than solid stone or cast concrete and they are more durable.

Egyptian Urn

Transform your home or garden into an oasis instantly with this elegant statement piece. A palm tree, topiary or cluster of flowers would be perfect in this curvaceous and ornate urn. We have used natural stones mixed with superior resin materials that gives our urn planters strong ability to handle the elements with minimum maintenance.

Elliptic Urn Planter Box

Another excellent candidate for this planter box would be a few bags of potpourri, still in the bag. This planter is great if you wish to give your home a stately feel without the stately price.

Extra Large Classic Urn

With its tall size, this charming urn would be perfect for storing umbrellas, beverages with ice or even towels by pool toys. Its traditional design and neutral coloration make it suitable for many spaces. Large trees between 74 Inch and 84 Inch tall comfortably fit into this decorative topiary urn.

Extra Small Classic Urn

Its more cylindrical design also makes it great for tall candles. For added appeal, place some glass or smooth stones at the base of the candles. This will lend the display plenty of visual interest, making it look much brighter. Use floral components like our preserved topiaries or preserved roses to create a stunning floral arrangement in this unique urn planter.

Fiberstone Classic Urn

The height makes this urn excellent for organizing outdoor supplies, storing pool toys or keeping cold drinks cold. The color, texture and design all contribute to the versatility of this piece, as it can fit in almost anywhere.


French Anduza Planter

French Anduza Fiberstone Planter adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor garden or patio area.

Gardino Urn Fiberstone Urn

The Gardino Urn is hand crafted mixed concrete and stone with a fiberglass interior lining for added strength and lighter than stone weight.

Garland Wreath Bowl Planter

The Garland Wreath Bowl planter has a simple charming classic design for your planting use.

Gema Planter

The Gema Planter hand crafted from Fiberstone is a long and low outdoor planter box that can be used as a great accent to patios and decks.

Lattice Urn

Beautiful fiber stone urn uniquely created with lattice trim and sculpture handles.

Liberick Pedestal

The Liberick Pedestal made from Fiberstone will elevate your floral decor to add height and prestige.

Medium Azar

 A Contemporary Design that complements any tree or globe.

Old World Planter Urn

A classic planter urn with faux cracks to give it a touch of the old world decor.

One Case of Birch Tubes

4-7 Inch Diameter  18-22 Inch Long 

Quadrato Fiber Stone Planter

Fiber stone is a strong combination of concrete with fiberglass that creates a stronger and lighter than concrete planter for outdoor use.

Roman Planter Urn

This is a solid cast resin urn made from professional grade resin materials to form a long lasting durable urn planter. 

Sandstone Urn

Sandstone Vase Urn

This is a cast resin urn that forms a long lasting durable urn planter that requires no maintenance.

Small Antique Style Garden Container

This Small Antique Style Garden Container is made from high quality poly resin and formed with deep furrows forming an elegant long planter box.

Small Azar

  A Contemporary Design that complements any tree or globe.  12 Inch T x12 Inch W x 12 Inch D  

Small Classic Urn

Use floral components like our protea or any florals to create a stunning floral arrangement in this unique urn planter.

Small Old World Urn

Made with sturdy resin materials.

Tall Vase Urn Pedestal Planter

Urn Pedestal Planter | Tall Vase Garden Pedestal

Dimensions are 7 Inch diameter and 11 Inch  tall.

Tough Doolin

Use this Tough Doolin long planter box for rows of flowers.


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 USDA Plant Zones Guide

Zone 1: Below -50 F / below -45.6 C
Zone 2: -50 to 40 F / -45.5 to -40 C
Zone 3: -40 to -30 F / -39.9 to 34.5 C
Zone 4: -30 to -20 F / -34.4 to -28.9 C
Zone 5: -20 to -10 F / -28.8 to -23.4 C
Zone 6: -10 to 0 F / -23.3 to -17.8 C
Zone 7: 0 to 10 F / -17.7 to -12.3 C
Zone 8: 10 to 20 F / -12.2 to -6.7 C
Zone 9: 20 to 30 F / -6.6 to -1.2 C
Zone 10: 30 to 40 F / -1.1 to 4.4 C
Zone 11: Above 40 F / above 4.5 C