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Swan, 24 inch (Mossed) 24 inch x 36 inch x 11 inch

Swan, 24 inch (Mossed) 24 inch x 36 inch x 11 inch

Our Moss cover frame swan topiary of a majestic swan swimming is made from hand-crafted and powder-coated wires. The openings in the wings suggest that this topiary can be used as a gift basket or planter.

The swan is an elegant creature. Add this elegance to your garden with our swan topiary. It is a sitting swan that is available as 16" high and 24" high. It can easily fit in and add to any garden as it comes as a simple black topiary frame, a basket variety and a moss covered topiary frame.

Unique Topiaries That Have Additional Benefits For Customers

Everyone has a style that is unique to themselves, however, there are many ways to express this individuality and uniqueness, and one way is through topiaries. Topiaries have been around for many years and when perfected through the grower or designer, they allow a fantastical and magical environment that many can enjoy. Topiaries can come in a variety of forms, trees, and designs; however, there are a select few that many people love to grow in their yard. Here are a few of the topiaries that are popular and should be considered adding to every one yard. 

The Swan Topiary 

Walking into a yard with a swan topiary can encourage creativity and inspiration for many viewpoints and perspectives. Not to mention the swan topiary has a personality of its own that desires attention. 

What is the Swan Topiary? 

A swan topiary is a highly detailed handcrafted topiary that will make impressions on your yard or home for many years. The swan, known for its beauty and love, the creatures are a sign of respect. They love to rest near water and share harmony with humans. They are stunning creatures that find usually only one mate that shares the same devotion for life. Swans also are known to encourage balance and magnificence in our lives. Having a topiary made into a swan will bring attention to the viewers and make the owner feel relaxed and comfortable. 

How Can the Swan Topiary Be Used and What Benefits can it Bring To Your Home? 

The swan topiary can be used in various manners. One could set a swan topiary in his or her yards to encourage a magical landscape. Other ideas of use for a swan topiary could be near an outside pool or fish pond to allure the attention of a passerby and increase balance in the yard. The swan topiary can also be used indoors to share warmth and love with those is surrounds. There are many benefits the swan topiary can be shared and used. It has the capability to share different transformations and blessings to your home it will not only benefit the owners of the swan topiary but also the environment it sits within. For more information about the swan and its symbolism, look here

Two-Ball Topiary 

A two-ball topiary is a unique piece of art and a great way to express design and intellect. They can bring elegance to your yard and home with a simplistic design that is eye-catching. 

What is the Two Ball Topiary? 

A two-ball topiary is nestled usually in a pot rather than planted in the ground. However, some people have planted or designed some two-ball topiaries in their yard that are planted to share creativity. The two-ball topiary is a tree that is pruned to perfection. It has two ball-like shapes that sit closely beside each other to give the design elegance. Many two-ball topiaries can be made in different sizes and they are relatively easy to maintain. You can see an exceptionally designed two-ball topiary here

How Can the Two-Ball Topiary Be Used? 

Since the two ball topiary is easy to maintain and easy on the eyes, it can be placed in your home to enhance its surroundings. It can sit in an office or near a window in the home to share a connection with mother nature. It can also be used outside to lift its environment to a new level. Many famous people have two ball topiaries lining their yards to show the simple elegance it gives off. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, topiaries can have many features and benefits that many can appreciate. The top two described above are just a few among many that you can enjoy. For example, boxwood balls, ball topiary tree, double ball, artificial boxwood, boxwood spiral topiary, artificial boxwood ball, boxwood triple ball, double ball topiary, topiary balls, preserved boxwood, boxwood ball topiary, boxwood two ball topiary, and boxwood triple ball topiary are that individuality can be created from. What one do you like the best? For more information and additional unique ideas for your yard take a look at Topiary Tree, you will not be disappointed.

Our swan topiary sets the standard in design and attention to detail in each of our Hand Crafted, Powder Coated Wire Frame Topiary Sculptures. Our Topiary sculptures are available in a variety of styles including: Frame (which is our metal frame Topiary, left empty - ideal as gift baskets, special event or garden sculptures), Mossed (which is our metal frame Topiary filled with pre-dyed Sphagnum Moss - Perfect for planting) or Lit (which is our metal frame Topiary wrapped in clear mini lights for Holiday or Event decorating). All items are manufactured in sections which helps with shipping costs and also alternative planting options. Most of our topiary animal forms come in a variety of sizes and shapes. We can also custom make any of our stock Topiary to any size your heart may desire! * NOTE: As every topiary is hand made, all dimensions shown are approximate and may vary slightly making each one "One Of A Kind".

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