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Elephant, 19 inch (Frame) 19 inch x 27 inch x 9 inch

Elephant, 19 inch (Frame) 19 inch x 27 inch x 9 inch

Frame Elephant Topiary 19 inch x 27 inch x 9 inch. Bring a bit of Africa to your garden with this beautiful elephant topiary. It comes in a variety of sizes including: 19, 32, 48 and 60 inches high and is available covered in real moss or as a simple black topiary frame.

While it's a lot smaller than a real elephant, this frame topiary depicts the animal's strength and pride. The frame is made of hand-crafted and powder-coated wire of several different sizes. The elephant has tusks and is waving its trunk in the air. Each topiary is made and delivered in sections which lowers shipping costs.

Start a trend in your own local area with elephant frames for a jungle themed topiary garden for school aged children. Elephant frames are sized to grab attention no matter where you locate them. Elephants with trunks raised high in the air become an announcement of garden decor for a residential, business, commercial or industrial property.

Animal shaped topiary are always a welcome sight on residential properties such as winged birds in flight, life size kittens and puppies or make a generous donation a topiary to the local Little League of a child at bat.

Topiary Trees, Plants and Animals has the expertise to create custom designs you can use for civic groups like a historical society, town museum or library. A large live topiary book outside the library is sure to attract more readers.

Memorial parks are other places that are see the value of topiary to punctuate their particular memorial theme. For example, a topiary anchor for the Navy, a globe and eagle for Marines, Eagle and Scroll for Air Force and Army flags guarded by a rattlesnake. Memorial park topiary can also include those with religious themes.

Bring your custom ideas to Topiary Trees, Plants and Animals and the design staff will help bring them to life. Live topiary are eco-friendly, environmentally safe and help reduce pollution.

Topiary forms also make great gifts for your favorite gardener. Start with a topiary form that is easy to assemble. Topiary Trees provides all of the basic instructions to make assembly quick and without difficult.

Buy several for the outdoors and indoors. The time is now to revive the tradition of indoor conservatories with live plants, flowering potted plants and live and artificial topiary to turn an ordinary room into a spectacular indoor garden conservatory.

The idea of a room in a home where occupants can relax and reliever stress amid greenery and flowers grows ever more important in today's stressful world.

Shop Online for All Your Topiary Needs
You can shop online at Topiary Trees, Plants and Animals from the comfort of home or office for the topiary scene you want to purchase.

There are dozens of suggestions on how to make your own topiary, how to prevent fading of artificial topiary, how to landscape a topiary garden, the best artificial plants for indoor and outdoor use for landscaping as well as tree conservation, advice on plant watering and how to avoid overwatering, best plants for topiary gardens, perennial pot planting with topiary and so much more.

Browse the wealth of live and artificial topiary, wire topiary forms with and without lights and topiary flowers to name a few of the things you can purchase online at your leisure.
However, for custom topiary, orders place by phone are recommended.

The staff at Topiary Trees, believes if you can dream it, they can create it. Decide the look you want for your property or your indoor garden room. Make it a statement of your own creativity for family, friends and guests or for business associates and clients to enjoy. A topiary is like having a personal logo that welcomes all who see it. 

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