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Great Gardening Resources

Many people love gardening. They love feeling the dirtbetween their fingers, the taste of success that comes from tasting a vegetable grown by hand, and the sight of a well-kept flowerbed in full bloom. Gardening enthusiasts can range from those who occasionally dig in their flowerbeds to those who have a perfectly planned out yard or large vegetable garden. There are a lot of benefits to gardening, too: it makes your house look very inviting and attractive, it provides fresh vegetables for your table, and it gives you a reason to go outdoors and enjoy the weather. It’s also a fairly affordable hobby, especially if you plant annuals.

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While many people have flower or vegetable gardens at home, others choose to do something a little more exotic and create topiary gardens. They can range from simple topiaries done in basic shapes to amazing living animals. Of course, there are some tricks to growing these bushes, as well. Then there are those who unite their passion for gardening with others to create a community garden. These gardens are a great way of sharing the workload and the rewards with your neighbors. The end result can be a huge community garden full of some of the best fruits and vegetables you’ve ever tasted.

But no matter how green your thumb is, every great gardener needs a little advice every now and then. Whether you love growing flowers, vegetables, or topiary trees, here are some resources to great gardening sites that can answer your questions or provide you with more information on different topics related to gardening. A nice creative touch to any garden is to add Topiary Forms around the garden and is an eye catcher too.

Flower Gardens

When people think of gardens, they often think of a huge bed full of bright, beautiful flowers. Of course, you don’t have to have a large area to make a great flower garden. Some people can take a few window boxes and a couple of pots and create an amazing garden, while others love turning the entire yard into a wonderland. But for any type of garden, it all comes down to knowing which flower to plant, the time of year to plant them, and how to take care of them

Vegetable Gardens

While flower gardens are all about looks, vegetable gardens are all about what they produce. Yes, vegetable gardens can look pretty, but the main point is to get some amazing vegetables to eat during the summer. Tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and other foods grown in your garden can be hand-picked and taken straight to your table. You can also grow some small fruits like strawberries and blackberries. You’ll know everything that these homegrownfruits and vegetables have been sprayed with, so there’s no fear of eating food that has been exposed to pesticides and other chemicals.

Topiary Gardens

Topiary gardens, just like flower gardens, are created for their looks and for fun. Until the bright colors of a flower garden, a topiary garden is made up of flower topiary, cone and spiral topiary, and other types of bush. These live topiary trees can be any size, but they all have one thing in common: the gardener cuts them into amazing shapes. Some are simple, but other gardeners may trim their topiaries so that they look like animals, people, and more. Some create entire scenes with nothing but topiaries. These scenes can also be created with artificial topiary trees.

Community Gardens

While many people raise and maintain their own personal flower gardens or vegetable gardens, sometimes entire communities come together to raise a garden. They share in the work and in the rewards. Often, these gardens are created in an empty lot, but sometimes a member of the community will volunteer their backyard for it. Members take turns with the chores and split any costs among themselves. When it comes time to harvest, each member gets a share. Sometimes the food is divided evenly, while other times, those who volunteer to do more work get a bigger share of the harvest.


Gardening Clubs

Gardening clubs are made up of people who absolutely love to garden. Whether itsflowers, vegetables, or topiaries, these clubs love to talk about growing plants. Some gardening clubs are local and fairly small, while others are national clubs that have members and chapters across the country. While the clubs vary in activities and focus, most of them usually meet regularly to talk about gardening or to show off their gardens. There are many different clubs out there, so there’s a good chance that there’s at least one gardening club near you. Here are some links to gardening clubs:


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