FAQ: Custom Topiary Artforms

Whether you are new topiary art or not, we have FAQ’s to help you on the journey to understand this Art.

How to Order a Custom Topiary Art form?

The best way to get started is to know what you want. Is the topiary for outdoor or indoors.

For outdoors, do you want to plant foliages on the frame or go the less maintenance route?  For an indoor topiary, are you wanting to decorate the art form with flowers?

So many choices. This video is a good start to get you acquainted on the journey to ordering a custom-made topiary.

How To Add Plants to a Topiary Frame?

We get many inquiries on how to add plants to a Topiary frame. If your topiary has moss, you can add plants that will grow. Just think of the moss as dirt. You will add the plant to the moss and water as needed to grow the plant. Follow this link for information on how to add plants to a topiary.  

How To Add Ivy to a Topiary Frame?

Adding ivy is also a popular choice to a topiary. Ivy is only offered in select states. For example, the state of Oregon will not allow ivy to be shipped. Follow this link for information on how to add ivy to a topiary.   

What Are the Best Foliages to Add to a Topiary?

Finding the best foliages to add to a topiary can be challenging. We can share our best practices on popular foliages to add to a topiary. Another resource to share on shrubs that are good to add to topiaries.

How to Revive a Tired-Looking Topiary by adding  Moss?

Topiaries over time tend to shed the moss and fade over time. Sometimes the deer will eat the moss, and the sun will fade the green moss into a lighter color. Our video will show you how to revive the life of the topiary with new moss.

Boxwood Foliages: Watch this video on how to apply boxwood foliages to topiary frames.

Galvanizing Metal: Learn how to protect a topiary metal frame from corrosion over the years of exposed weather elements (atmospheric pressure, wind, humidity, precipitation, etc) by Galvanizing the metal.

What is the best practice for metal gauge size for a topiary metal frame:

1) A distinction for sure is that there is no actual wire used in the topiaries except for chicken wire. All the frames are made with steel rod metal which is much stronger than a string of wire.

Below are some guidelines on the gauge metal for topiary frames.

2) Finish on the metal protects against natural rust or corrosion


Topiary art forms come in many flavors. Best to consult a topiary artist. Topiarytree.net offers consulting on topiary art forms.