8 Artificial Topiary Ideas for Home Decorating

Let’s be honest, not everybody has the time and money to maintain a natural topiary. That’s why we have brought you 8 artificial topiary ideas for home decorating. What are you waiting for to embellish your house using artificial topiaries? Easy to make and to care for, you will love these ideas!

Topiaries is considered as "topiary art". This can be a frame of an animal or a topiary tree. The topiary artist can take inspiration from a picture and bring it to reality. This is where the "art" comes into play as the artist will use their imagination to make a topiary life form such as a cat, pig, horse, and anything you can think of. Some topiaries take form of a topiary garden with shapes such as globes, double balls, hexagons, circles, and odd formations. Thus, topiaries have a wide spectrum of art to display that inspires all. Topiary Art can mean so many things. Follow this guide is a good place to start learn about topiaries.

Boxwood topiary is the most popular in live or artifical foliages.

Our boxwood topiary survival guide is good place to find resources to keep your live boxwood topiaries free of insects and to answer the question "why does my foliages turn brown?"

1. Grapevine Topiary

Grapevine Topiary

Let’s start with something different. With this topiary, the leaves are not the main attraction: the interesting structure of the branches and lights are. The contrast between the materials used to make a grapevine topiary is what makes it so interesting and original. You can even use it as a lamp.

2. Boxwood Topiary

Boxwood Topiary

Click here to learn how to create a beautiful boxwood topiary. This super green artificial topiary will look good as a centerpiece. Place it on a glass table or on a little coffee table to add a pop of color to a room decorated with terracotta colors.

3. Pumpkin Topiary

Pumpkin Topiary
Image credit: Alana Sise  / Flickr

If you are a fan of thematic decoration, this topiary will be your new obsession. Mark our words, this DIY artificial topiary idea will be the first thing to appear in your mind when you start thinking about Thanksgiving decoration. The white pumpkins and the autumn colors of this topiary make it a great addition to your home. It will look amazing on top of a chimney.

4. Burlap Topiary

Burlap Topiary
Image Credit: Laurie Lane  / Flickr

If you thought you could only make topiaries using branches and leaves, think again! Topiaries are a versatile decoration item and can be as creative as your imagination wants them to be. Here you can see the step-by-step tutorial to create an original burlap topiary.

5. Faux Topiary

Faux Topiary

Topiaries don’t need to be super polished and perfectly shaped. In fact, having an artificial topiary that looks a little wild is good because it has a more natural appearance. You can learn here how to do fake topiary to decorate your home. It will look lovely in a chamber of white and soft colors.

6. Moss Topiary

Moss Topiary

Perfectly imperfect, this is another great artificial topiary idea for home decorating. Somewhat bushy, moss topiary has an organic look. Add a ribbon for the perfect finish, choosing a color of fabric that fits with the predominant colors of your home.

7. Moss topiaries with two pompoms

 Moss topiaries with two pompoms

Why settling with just one pompom when you can have two? This artificial topiary idea is perfect if you like the minimalist style. Get a simple and pristine pot to match the clean and polished round shape of the pompoms.

8. Simple and Luxurious Topiary

Simple and Luxurious Topiary

Let’s say that you don’t have very crafty hands but you have the will to create your own topiary. Well then, this is the tutorial for you! All that you need is a base that looks expensive and a neat pompom made of artificial green leaves. Place the pompom on top of the base, secure it, and that’s all!