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12 inch Ivy Plant Heart on Stem

12 inch Height Live Topiary Plant Heart on Stem for all occasions.

18 inch Ivy Plant Heart on Stem

18 inch Height Live Topiary Plant Heart on Stem for all occasions.

210G, Ivy Live Topiary Trees

210G Large Plain, Live Ivy Topiary Tree

215G, Ivy Live Topiary Trees

215G Large Elongated, Plain Ivy Topiary Tree

216G, Ivy Live Topiary Trees

216G Large Cone and Ball Plain Ivy Topiary Plant

288G, Ivy Live Topiary Plants

288G Decorative Star-Shaped Ivy Topiary Plant

290G, Ivy Live Topiary Plants

290G Whimsical Swirl Ivy Topiary Plant

314G, Ivy Live Topiary Plants

314G Medium Teardrop and Purple-Accent Ivy Topiary Plant

354G, Ivy Live Topiary Plants

354G Large Whimsical Birdcage Ivy Topiary

355G, Ivy Live Topiary Plants

355G Tabletop Wired Topiary Birdcage Over Ivy. Personalize your pet's cage with our live ivy topiary birdcages. Our products are guaranteed and ship fast! Start decorating your home with fresh topiary now!

356G, Ivy Live Topiary Plants

356G Small Purple-Accented Topiary Birdcage

4 Bay Leaf Ball Topiary

Topiaries: Artificial 4.5 Foot Foot Bay Leaf Ball Topiary on Natural Trunk with 1,332 Tips

403G, Ivy Live Topiary Plants

Spruce up your pet's living area with our beautiful ivy birdcage topiaries. specializes in cheap, quality fresh trees and plants!

406G, Ivy Live Topiary Plants

406G Small Wire-Framed Birdcage over Ivy Topiary Plant. Compare live ivy birdcage topiary forms at - View our wide selection of topiary forms and live topiary trees and save today!

4457, Angel Vine Live Topiary Plants

4457 Country-Themed Star Angel Vine Topiary Plant

5 Bay Leaf Ball Topiary on Natural Trunk

Topiaries: Artificial 5.5 Foot Bay Leaf Ball Topiary on Natural Trunk with 1,628 Tips. Foliage Starts about 45inch to 46inch From Ground

529, Rosemary Live Topiary Plants

529 Fresh, Medium, Full-Thickness Rosemary Topiary Plant

538, Rosemary Live Topiary Plants

538 Live, Small, Cone-Shaped Plain Rosemary Topiary Plant

Abelia Edward Goucher

Abelia 'Edward Goucher' is a remarkable cross that has semi-evergreen foliage on long cascading stems. Young stems are reddish and young leaves are coppery in appearance. Both features enhance the softly colored flowers which are lilac-pink in the interior and exterior of the tube but white on their lobes. A Great Plant Picks selection.

Ivy Live Topiary Plant

Item 4462 - 5 inch Ivy Rustica Trellis Fresh Topiary Ivy wrapping around trellis and cascading over sides of the pot make this a favorite amongst many.


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Over Watering Your Plants?

 USDA Plant Zones Guide

Zone 1: Below -50 F / below -45.6 C
Zone 2: -50 to 40 F / -45.5 to -40 C
Zone 3: -40 to -30 F / -39.9 to 34.5 C
Zone 4: -30 to -20 F / -34.4 to -28.9 C
Zone 5: -20 to -10 F / -28.8 to -23.4 C
Zone 6: -10 to 0 F / -23.3 to -17.8 C
Zone 7: 0 to 10 F / -17.7 to -12.3 C
Zone 8: 10 to 20 F / -12.2 to -6.7 C
Zone 9: 20 to 30 F / -6.6 to -1.2 C
Zone 10: 30 to 40 F / -1.1 to 4.4 C
Zone 11: Above 40 F / above 4.5 C