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Olive Tree Topiary with Pot

Olive Tree Topiary with Pot

The live topiary seen here is a small olive tree with pretty gray-green leaves. It is about 9.5 inches in height and weighs about one pound, so it can sit anywhere that has the right amount of light. This topiary brightens up any room in the home and adds freshness. 

An olive topiary is quite happy indoors since it does well in hot, dry weather. It is also a native of the Mediterranean and likes water, but not sogginess. The top two inches of soil in the plant pot should be dry before watering again. Olives "rest" in winter and usually need less water.

A fresh topiary like the olive tree needs full sun and should be rotated so each side receives equal amounts of sun. Give it a quarter turn every week for balanced light when checking for dryness at the same time. 

This live topiary needs regular pruning to keep it small and shapely. It will grow larger if repotted in a container one size up from its last one once a year. This is not necessary, but possible if a larger tree is desired. These olive topiaries come in either a plastic or terra cotta pot according to the buyer's preference. 

Buyers can opt to have a Mylar wrap placed around the pot when ordering the plant. This is often done for festive occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, wedding showers, retirement parties and holiday parties. A fresh topiary is a thoughtful gift for someone who enjoys caring for indoor plants. 

Topiary pots have the advantage of being small enough to decorate differently when the mood strikes. Add seasonal decorations every so often or dress them up for specific celebrations. As long as the pot has good drainage, most decorations will work well.

As decor items, live topiaries are lovely natural additions to green homes, or any home or office where good light is available. Plants add an organic feel to any room and soak up the carbon dioxide as they give oxygen in return. They are nice focal points for a feeling of serenity in almost any sunny space. An olive topiary may be a peaceful addition to a meditation area. 

Reap the benefits of having a live green tree indoors with an olive tree topiary. They are slow-growing plants and easy to maintain. A history of thousands of years of growth precedes these small trees, so it's a bit like having a piece of the ancient past. This alone is reminiscent of a more natural existence and timeless decor. A mere glance at this little tree can send the imagination across the sea. 

Keep one or more olive topiaries at home for special occasions that entail gift-giving. Put a nice bow on the tree or around the pot, and the gift is ready to go along to the party. Order soon and be prepared. 

Care: Water thoroughly, allowing soil to dry slightly between waterings.. Exposure: Bright light, full sun, reflective light., Indoor Temp: 40 - 80 degrees F, Weight: 1 lb, Pot Size: 3 inches, Weight:1 lb, Height is 9.5 inches. Comes in plastic pot - add terracotta pot or mylar wrap below.

Care Instructions: How to care for your Olive Tree

Price: $9.25
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Very Pleased
- 03/04/2015
I received my olive topiaries today and I am thrilled. My only regret is that I didn't buy more and intend to get the larger size next time. They were packed well and arrived in excellent condition and still damp. These will make wonderful gifts.

Servread more
A real olive tree
- 02/18/2015
Excellent purchase!

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