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Live Fern Topiary: 9625

Live Fern Topiary: 9625

A fern live plant is a fantastic way to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home or office space. In fact, topiary plants live are labeled as being some of the most elegant looking decor in various settings, be it a home, an office or even a covered patio. You’ve most likely seen these gorgeous, lush plants in the lobbies of hotels or other various businesses. They’ve come to be a popular choice among businesses because of how well they fit in with the atmosphere. Their green fronds reveal themselves from the base of the plant, its branches projecting in many directions. The small leaves fill out the entire plant, giving the illusion that the plant is much bigger than it really is while still having a healthy and full look. The sizes of live fern plants vary greatly depending on what you’re looking for, which makes them the perfect, versatile decorative item. It’s no wonder businesses and homeowners love to put them on display for everyone to see. Once a more pricey plant, they have become even more affordable in recent years due to the high demand. You can achieve that expensive, hotel lobby look and feel for a fraction of the price, leaving your guests in awe. 

A topiary how to guide will spill all the details you will need to purchase and care for your live fern topiary. Once you purchase one for yourself, you’ll be bringing in the green natural look of the outdoors into any part of your home. You can also purchase one for someone you love and admire, they do make lovely gifts as well. A fern live plant is a great gift for anyone for any occasion. Birthdays, holidays, or even just because are reason enough to shower a friend with the gift of nature. If you know of someone who likes caring for plants, then look no further, it’ll be perfect for someone like them. A live fern topiary is quite easy to maintain and will bring happiness and cheer whenever you see it. 

In order to take care of you live fern topiary, there are a few small details that you will need to remember in order to do so. First, only place the fern in indirect sunlight. A fern cannot thrive properly when placed in direct sunlight and will discolor the plant. You’ll also need to keep an eye on how much water you’re administering to the plant. Lightly water the soil every day, but not to the point where the top of the soil is soaked. Most, not damp. Be careful not to oversaturate the soil with water, this will turn the plant a dingy yellow color and eventually kill the plant. The good news about these plants, however, is that they can withstand temperatures of up to 70 degrees. Anything above this will wilt your plant and kill it. Maintain your temperature as best you can and adjust it accordingly to preserve the life of your plant. Do you or someone you know want to purchase your very own live fern topiary? Purchase one today, included with a hefty terra-cotta plastic pot that’s already in the process of blooming. Remember to repot your live fern topiary at least once a year, but when you first buy it, it’s ready to be placed wherever it is you see fit in your home. Only beauty can come from this plant if you remember the simple steps in order to take care of it. All that’s left to do is to enjoy your new live fern topiary!

Fern Topiary. Keep soil moist, not soaking wet. Reduce watering in winter. Repot yearly. Exposure: Shade to bright, indirect light. Indoor Temp: 50 - 70 degrees F, Weight: .55 lb, Pot Size: 4 inches, Height: 10 inches. Comes in plastic pot. Add a terracotta pot or mylar wrap below.

Price: $4.30
Add a Decorative Pot 6 inch
Mylar Spring Wrap to Base (+$2.85)
6 inch Terracotta pot (+$6.00)
Plastic pot
Galvanized Silver Tin Pot (+$7.00)
Galvanized Red Tin Pot (+$7.00)

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