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Item 176G Ivy Live Topiary Trees

Item 176G  Ivy Live Topiary Trees
Item 176G Ivy Live Topiary Trees

Rustica Ivy Topiary. Let soil approach dryness between watering. Do not let roots sit in water.. Exposure: Bright, indirect light., Indoor Temp: 40 - 80 degrees F, Weight: 32.5 lb, Pot Size: , Height: 68 inches tall, 12 inch diameter, 7 gallon container.

NOTE: This topiary requires freight trunk for delivery with odd size. Call to get a delivery quote as this is not known until we pull a shipping quote.

The 7 Gallon Rustica Spiral is 68" Overall Height from for the bottom of the plastic pot to the Top of the Wire Frame with the Pot taking 11 3/4" of the Height.  24" is the measurement at the widest point of the Frame. 

Are you thinking of acquiring a real topiary tree? Perhaps you've been discouraged from doing this in the past as you envision towering topiary shrubs and plants in ornate gardens. How, you might be thinking, will you find the time to establish and maintain some shrub or tree in one of the fantastical and familiar shapes that we all associate with the practice of topiary gardening? 

But don't despair. While topiary gardening certainly does conjure images of formal gardens on English estates, that's not where the concept gets its origins. The practice first appeared thousands of years ago in ancient Rome, one of the first times in recorded history in which plants were tended inside of a home for purely ornamental reasons. And unlike the ancient Romans, today's topiary enthusiasts have more plant, accessory, and gardening methods available than ever before. If you're in a topiary tree frame of mind, but don't think it's possible, think again. 

Odds are good that you've either raised a pot of or seen a member of the plant genus Helix clinging to the side of a building.  Ivy species are hardy evergreen plants that are very good at climbing, creeping, and being "trained". This makes them excellent candidates for topiary indoor gardening. With some patience and "coaching", your topiary ivy plant will wind its way around wire frames forming a green living heart or "love topiary tree", bird cages, or actual small trees. Ivy is a year round plant, meaning that these topiary projects can be begun at weather uncertain times of years indoors, then even transferred out of doors in more agreeable times of year, so that everyone can enjoy your topiary creativity. 

One of the "arguments" that people use on themselves in regards to this type of gardening is that maintaining topiary shapes is too difficult a process to attempt without distorting the desired topiary shape. But topiary maintenance is not nearly as difficult as novices imagine. Start by meeting the specific plant's food, watering, and disease protection requirements. Topiary resculpting usually only needs to be done once annually, preferably in the spring. Use a clipping tool appropriate to the plant type and species, and always remember to clip or "resculpt" from the top down. If your ivy is growing "freestyle", the smaller the clips the better, and if using a metal frame, use it as a guide to help resculpt the plant.

Ivy is a hardy and potentially long-lived plant. If you are patient, tender, and generous with yours, your reward will be stunning topiary for years to come. 

Care Instructions: How to care for your Ivy Topiary Plant?

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Excellent plant!

- 02/01/2015

Just purchased and love this plant

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