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Ball Shaped Live Cypress | TopiaryTree and net | Fresh Live Topiary

Ball Shaped Live Cypress | TopiaryTree and net | Fresh Live Topiary

Live topiary plants offer incredible elegance to any decor. They are becoming increasingly popular over other floral arrangements because of their simplistic appearance and ease of maintenance. One of the most popular topiary shapes is a ball. This provides a traditional appearance, which is perfect for decorative use.

Traditionally, large topiary plants are used to decorate a front porch or entryway. However, a smaller ball cypress topiary is the ideal plant to display inside the home. A small potted topiary makes a wonderful table centerpiece or decorative item. Two can be used to frame a shelf or mantle. Adding a colorful ribbon will help it blend with the room's paint or wallpaper. Ribbon also brings a bit of pizzazz to the plant.

A single live topiary ball is simple to maintain. Pruning is only required a few times a year and can be easily performed with scissors or small gardening shears. Within minutes, long pieces can be snipped. The shape is not complicated to upkeep, and it always appears in style.

A potted ball cypress topiary is an excellent gift for a housewarming party. It infuses a sense of warmth and charm into any space. Unlike other flowers that die or wilt quickly, a live topiary will continue to grow for a long time without great care. This type of plant is ideal for nursing homes as well. It can be placed near a window or on a nightstand. Since it does not have an annoying fragrance that overpowers a room, it is ideal for people with allergies.

A live cypress topiary can be combined with other plants to provide a distinct look. The round shape of the topiary will balance other plants that hang loose from a pot. Mixing various greenery and flowers adds interest and creates an aesthetically pleasing effect.

To bring a touch of rustic beauty to a room, a cypress ball topiary will work well. It is a simple plant that has a classic design. Thanks to its geometric shape, a small potted round topiary fits well with contemporary decor. It brings an understated elegance that is appreciated by everyone.

Entryways and landscapes that need of some visual interest will benefit from the unique shapes and designs that can be created with this Fresh Topiary. With some creative trimming, these fine specimens of Topiary Trees can be transformed from a simple bush or shrub into a work of pruning art. Trim this incredible Fresh Topiary variety in the shape of a cone, ball, or twisting spiral. Visitors and people passing by will marvel at the one-of-a-kind creations that you integrate into your home landscaping design. 

Care Information:

Ball Cypress Topiary. Keep soil evenly moist, but not wet. Prune regularly to retain shape.. Exposure: Bright, indirect light., Indoor Temp: 40 - 70 degrees F, Weight: 1.25 lb, Pot Size: 5 inches, Height: 18 inches. Topiary comes in plastic pot with no additional decor. Add terracotta pot or mylar wrapping below. Learn more on how to care for topiary plants.

Learn more about Care Instructions for the Lemon Cypress Topiary Tree 

Price: $20.00
Add a Decorative Pot 6 inch
Mylar Spring Wrap to Base (+$2.85)
6 inch Terracotta pot (+$6.00)
Plastic pot
Galvanized Silver Tin Pot (+$7.00)
Galvanized Red Tin Pot (+$7.00)

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- 03/15/2014

I just ordered this live topiary and it arrived today. It is beautiful and exceeded my expectations.

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