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215G, Ivy Live Topiary Trees

215G, Ivy Live Topiary Trees

All of our topiary plants will make a great addition to any décor, but a tall ivy topiary tree provides an additional benefit of bringing natural ambiance to any room. A live topiary tree of considerable height can really become a stunning focal point of your home or office. This fresh topiary may also be placed outdoors to accentuate areas where you may not have soil to grow plants.

When decorating with live topiary, it is important to consider the size of the design, and the location in which you plan to set it. Select plants of similar or equal height to place in pairs on either side of a doorway. One live topiary tree placed thoughtfully in a corner can draw attention to a different area of the room. Or opt for a trio of various sized topiary trees to arrange as a centerpiece.
You may also consider adding other decorations to enhance your fresh topiary. For example, place a string or two of white holiday lights gently within the vines to create a subtle, romantic glow. Play around with different ideas to celebrate holidays, seasons, or even hanging tags to create a giving tree for charitable donations. The options are endless with this beautiful ivy topiary plant.

Known for being a common part of English landscapes, live topiary trees are simple to care for and a gorgeous way to brighten up any living space. With an ivy topiary, gardeners can train their plant to grow in a variety of different shapes or styles. This style of plant thrives in indirect light, so it is a possible choice for businesses and home offices. For a beautiful plant that is easy to care for, the fresh topiary plant is one of the best available. 

Indoor Living 

Although a topiary does not tolerate direct sunlight well, it should also be kept out of dry, heated air. In homes and offices, the heating and air conditioning systems have a tendency to dry out the live topiary trees. To prevent this from happening, the plant should never be placed next to a heating event. It should be misted once or twice a week to provide a heightened level of humidity. Misting should be done with lukewarm water and a standard spray bottle. 

Other than misting the plant, owners should also make sure to dust it off periodically. Spider mites love dust, so removing the dust will help to reduce the chances of spider mites. For best results, the fresh topiary plants should be kept at a temperature range of 40° to 80° F. Ideally, the indoor temperature should be about 55° to 65° F. If the temperature is higher than this, additional moisture should be misted onto the plant. 

Watering Ivy Topiary Plants 

Like any plant, a topiary must be watered on a regular basis. It does not do well when it is over-watered, so the gardener should make sure that they do not leave the water too soggy or moist. Instead, the top inch of the soil should be allowed to dry out between watering times. Once a month, a water-soluble fertilizer can be used in place of the normal watering time. 


As the topiary grows, it may need to be transplanted. When this happens, a pot should be selected that is about two inches wider and deeper than the original pot. With great care, the topiary plant can be lifted from the original pot and placed into the new container. The root ball should gently be broken up to help the roots escape. Additional soil will help to fill in any empty spaces around the plant. 
Loved by the Romans and popular in Renaissance Europe, the topiary tree has withstood the test of time. In modern times, it brightens many interior and exterior designs. If cared for properly, a topiary tree can continue growing and beautifying the home for years. 

Care Instructions: Let soil approach dryness between watering. Do not let roots sit in water.. Exposure: Bright, indirect light., Indoor Temp: 40 - 80?F, Weight: 46.25 lb, Pot Size: , Height:46.25 lb

Price: $467.80
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 USDA Plant Zones Guide

Zone 1: Below -50 F / below -45.6 C
Zone 2: -50 to 40 F / -45.5 to -40 C
Zone 3: -40 to -30 F / -39.9 to 34.5 C
Zone 4: -30 to -20 F / -34.4 to -28.9 C
Zone 5: -20 to -10 F / -28.8 to -23.4 C
Zone 6: -10 to 0 F / -23.3 to -17.8 C
Zone 7: 0 to 10 F / -17.7 to -12.3 C
Zone 8: 10 to 20 F / -12.2 to -6.7 C
Zone 9: 20 to 30 F / -6.6 to -1.2 C
Zone 10: 30 to 40 F / -1.1 to 4.4 C
Zone 11: Above 40 F / above 4.5 C