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Live Topiary Trees & Plants for Commerical, Home or Office Decor

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Live Topiary Trees & Plants

Offering online selection of live topiary trees and topiary plants. Our selection are ready to ship and be at our door step to decorate your home or office. Some come with terracotta planters for complete look upon arrival.

Topiaries allow trees & plant to become a form of art. This form horticulture dates back to Roman times and offers a landscaping options. While many are artificial, there are fresh topiary trees that can be used for these topiaries. The live topiary is one option that many prefer for their landscaping needs. Our live topiary plants allows the breathe of life to beaded to any décor and intermingle with your landscaping. These design allow the creativity to become part of the look for any home or business. When real plants are used, this enhances the design with a breath of reality that few can match. Topiaries that use these live choices are a growing trend that allows custom creations as the plants grow. All that is needed are the plants and some creativity. Soon the décor will breathe with life and design that will amaze even the fussiest people. Changing the design is a snap as the live plant grows each changing season.

ball topiary


Live Ivy Single Ball Topiary Tree
Live Christmas Topiary